Daniel Gergely Diffuse, a unique modulated hybrid reverb plugin

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Daniel Gergely takes us with its new FX plugin Diffuse on a unique modulated delay and reverb sonic journey with many sonic surprises.

There are plugins that stand out from the crowd and always bring joy. One of them is the Emergence granular effects plugin by Daniel Gergely. As a free beta version or for $20 in the finished version.

His latest plugin, Diffuse, goes on the same fascinating sound journey. It’s a delay, reverb, and much more. It’s definitely not yet another classic  bread-and-butterish plugin.

Daniel Gergely Diffuse

Daniel Gergely Diffuse

Daniel Gergely describes Diffuse as a fusion of a delay, reverse, reverb, freeze, filter, modulation, tremolo, octave, and shimmer processor. So not what you get in every DAW for free these days.

The center point of the plugin is a big automatable XY pad allowing you to morph through different effects. Diffuse has a wide range of parameters allowing you to customize the effect produced by it. You can set the number of seeds, animate and choose the intensity of each seed.

Then, you get time (up to 2 seconds with host sync) and warp controls, makeup and an option to set wet signal output. There are also seeds present that are randomly generated. According to the developer, the plugin is endless because each seed produces a unique configuration of the built-in effects and modulators.

The results that Diffuse generates are very versatile and inspiring. They range from classic delays and reverbs to very atmospheric, lively sounds. You can also explore a more bizarre, unusual side that goes in fields of granular.

First Impression

A very original effects plugin from Daniel Gergely. It sounds very nice and unique. I would be happy if people donate money for the plugin because it is certainly worth the money. And Daniel, if you are reading this article, please bring your stuff to iOS AUv3. It would be great to see them there.

Daniel Gergely Diffuse is available now as a pay-what-you-want download, including free option. It runs as a 64-bit VST and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon support) and Windows.

More information here: Daniel Gergely

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