Moog’s 70th anniversary with a Model D giveaway and virtual experience

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Moog celebrates its 70th anniversary with a Model D giveaway in collaboration with the Bob Moog Foundation and invites you to a virtual factory experience.

Moog Music is a Synthesizer company with a long history. It was founded in 1953 as R.A Moog Co. by Robert Moog and his father and was renamed Moog Music in 1972.  That is now 70 years in which the company has developed instruments, including iconic instruments like the Moog Minimoog, Moog Modular, and more.

This month, Moog is celebrating its 70th birthday in different ways.

Moog's 70th anniversary

Moog Virtual Experience

First, Moog invites you to a newly developed virtual experience inspired by ‘90s video games and websites. They say:

This interactive experience gives visitors access to the rich history of electronic music through the lens of the Minimoog Model D. Discover the amazing musicians, songs, stories, and sounds that have shaped generations of music through apps and activities inspired by this beloved synthesizer and the artists that embraced it.

Moogs 70th anniversary

You can also play a virtual Moog. Visitors can jump in and play an online version of the iconic Minimoog featuring sounds inspired by generations of musicians. It has over 45 classic presets users can record and share their own short musical creations using this interactive instrument.

Virtual Minimoog Factory

Then, Moog has also created another lovely virtual experience for its 7oth anniversary. In collaboration with the multi-disciplinary, independently owned design studio Pentagram and developer team Counterpoint, they created the Minimoog virtual experience. In this,  you can explore all about the Minimoog Model D, including insights into the development, factory, and more. The sections are:

  • jukebox: explore a collection of more than 45 of the most influential songs that feature the Model D.
  • practice room: play a virtual Minimoog with 45 presets
  • archive: explore the rich history of this archetypal synthesizer, the people who designed it, and its impact on the world.
  • theatre: sit back and enjoy an assortment of musical performances and other videos that capture more than 50 years of Minimoog Model D
  • build-a-synth: Print and “build” your own mini Minimoog—the perfect studio decoration or desktop companion!
  • face synth: Become one with the sounds and functionality of the Model D. This fun and easy-to-use Instagram filter integrates with your mobile device to use your facial expressions and body’s movement to trigger the Minimoog’s controls.
  • Model D app: explore the sounds of the Mini on your iPhone, iPad, and macOS.
  • gift shop

That sounds like a lot of fun.

Moog Minimoog raffle

Win A Moog Model D Serial #1 (2022)

Only the real deal? There is also something for you in the Moog’s 70th anniversary bash. In collaboration with the Bob Moog Foundation, Moog Music is celebrating the return of the Minimoog Model D and Dr. Bob Moog’s birthday with a raffle for serial #1 of this latest edition of the instrument!

A ticket costs $20. All proceeds from the Minimoog Model D Serial #1 Raffle will benefit the Bob Moog Foundation and its mission to “inspire people of all ages through the intersection of science, music, technology, and innovation.

More information here: Minimoog Model D

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