Inear Display Interstice 1.1, dual-band delay plugin with new lock feature and UI

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Inear Display Interstice is an experimental dual-band delay plugin designed for otherworldly echoes and resonance timbres. 

UPDATE: Inear Display has today released a free update for its Interstice delay plugin. The new version 1.1 adds locks for the dry/wet, cutoff, and resonance parameters to avoid value changes when loading a preset or using the randomizer.

Also new is an improved user interface with slight visual changes and improvements.

Inear Display Interstice

Article From November 11th, 2022

Can it be something experimental, wilder on Friday morning? Inear Display has just released a new effect plugin with which you can immerse yourself in weird sound worlds. Not a new topic for the French developer Thomas Hennebert, the mastermind behind the Inear Display plugins.

For many years he has been developing excellent plugins with unique feature sets for deep sonic explorative journeys. He is also the developer of the equally wild and fascinating Glitchmachines plugins. His latest plugin is a pretty simple delay but with a wild twist.

Inear Display Interstice

Inear Display Interstice

Interstice is a new dual-band delay plugin with a unique signal path and an experimental touch. It splits the input signal into low and high frequencies using a resonant filter to add extra harmonics to the sound. You can control it with classic cutoff and resonance controls.

Each band then goes through a delay with a complex feedback path consisting of a diffusion network and a damping filter. The delay has two different algorithms: repitch and xfade. Both with either manual or host tempo synchronization.

At higher settings, you can make resonances sing and create unique, bizarre textures. Additionally, you can work with a pitch-shifter on each side to process the signal pre- or post-delay to create more complex overtones.

Further, you get for each band separate amplitude and panoramic controls and a mute option. So you are flexible whether you want to process on both bands or just one. There is also a global drift modulator with depth and rate settings that makes the effect more organic and wobbly.

Interstice also features a handy parameter randomizer that gives you instant new effects. The user interface is fully resizable and comes with 7 color schemes. And Inear Display ships the plugin with 36 factory presets, including patches from Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines.

First Impression

Thomas from Inear Display gave me the opportunity to explore the plugin in advance. It’s a simple but special delay plugin, I can confirm this. It masters classic echoes, although this is not the most exciting task. It is particularly suitable for effects that differ greatly from classic sounds.

Especially for experimental echoes or resonances that can envelop every sound with a new character. The strength of Interstice lies in the creative fusion of echoes and resonance, resulting in endless, psychedelic textures. Among other things, I could generate bizarre ghost-like echo-spheres, singing resonance, or rhythmic textures even without a huge modulation engine.

Also positive is the simplicity of the plugin. All parameters are visible, which allows you to work very hands-on. Like using a hardware effect pedal. All in all a great release from Inear Display.

Inear Display Interstice is available now for an introductory price of 15€ + VAT (reg. 29€ + VAT). The plugin runs as a 64-bit VST3 and AU plugin for macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Inear Display

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  1. Very interesting. Too bad it is not possible to buy it via Paypal.However, I’ve already bought stuff on Gumroad with Paypal. So this choice belongs to Inear Display.

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