Roland Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, and Juno-106 v2 plugins: new circuit mod, UI, and more

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Roland Cloud has updated its Legendary series plugins Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, and Juno-106 to v2 with an all-new circuit mod, new UIs…

Roland has a long synthesizer history. They are known for their legendary analog synthesizers and drum machines like the Jupiter-8, Juno-60, TR-808, TB-303, and many more. Today, the Japanese company continues to make synthesizers/drum machines. Not analog machines but digital ones.

They also make plugins these days. As with their new hardware, they continue to haunt their analog ghosts. They also emulate here the classics and make them available for your DAW. Three plugins (Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, and Juno-106) from their Legendary series have now received a free v2 update with new features.

Roland Jupiter-4 Jupiter-8 v2

Roland Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, and Juno-106 v2

Don’t worry: existing customers can download the new version as a free update. It also remains possible to rent or buy the plugin via a lifetime license.

Version 2 brings a very welcome change to the plugins. First, they introduce a refined, scalable interface. All three plugins (Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, and Juno-106) now have newly developed high-resolution interfaces for big-screen production environments.

Roland Jupiter-4 Jupiter-8 v2

Then, each plugin now hosts a new browse and tweak section. Legendary Instruments version 2.0 features a new universal browser that lets you search and rate sounds across every installed patch bank, including an all-new bank of fresh tones.

With the ability to adjust vital parameters directly from the browser’s integrated Tweak Panel, there’s no need to change views to customize sounds to your liking.

The third new feature is the mod shop. Vintage Roland synths had internal trim controls that allowed technicians to tweak various analog components when they drifted out of spec. But sometimes, “out of spec” created a sound that was unique, interesting, or extraordinary.

Roland has modeled this behavior with its latest ACB technology. The plugin’s new circuit mod function lets you sweep through multiple trims using a single macro control.

Along with the Condition parameter, which simulates the effects of aging, you can dial in everything from a factory-primed instrument to a road-worn synth that hasn’t seen a tech bench in decades, drastically increasing range for Roland Cloud users.

First Impression

Nice updates for three very authentic-sounding Roland plugins. The new circuit mod is neat, allowing you to get closer to the original vintage hardware. Also good is that the updates are free.

Roland Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, and Juno-106 v2 are free updates for existing users. The plugins are available as part of the Roland Cloud subscription or as a lifetime license for $199/229€ each.

More information here: Roland Cloud 

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  1. Just make new analogue synths Roland.

    This VST’s are fine for digital plugins but ultimately sound like VST’s.

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