Green Oak Software Tungsten and Cesium, free texture delay and chorus plugins

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Green Oak Software has Tungsten and Cesium, two new free plugins featuring a texture delay and a characterful chorus with a steam-punk design. 

Many audio plugins last a long time on the market. Indeed, one of these is the free Crystal Synthesizer from Green Oak Software. Not an absolute highlight of the freeware world but a solid free synth with which many started their music journey.

After a long break, Green Oak Software is back with two new free plugins. Leave the crystals behind and go the steam-punk way.

Green Oak Software Tungsten Cesium

Green Oak Software Tungsten

Tungsten is a new free texture delay plugin that can add ambiance and color to your tracks. Green Oak Software describes it as a delay effect with a twist. On the control side, it gives you a single time parameter, a mixing option, and various ways to manipulate the delay. There’s no separation between the left and right lines. That’s a little downer.

The plugin also comes with a handy ducking feature. On the unique side, it has built-in freeze and granular functions. Once activated, you can turn simple delay lines into fluffy, cloud-like textures. Additionally, you get a reverse function and smear/wear, allowing you to simulate the effects of lo-fi tape delays.

Green Oak Software has published a sound demo of it. In my opinion, it was created with little love, meaning the plugin is not shown in the perfect light. Hope for better demos in the near future.

Green Oak Software Cesium

The second new release is called Cesium and is a free chorus plugin. The plugin is less deep than Tungsten and focuses more on the classic points that a chorus does. It has a rather classic feature set: delay, rate, mix, feedback, depth, output, tone…

According to the developer, the aim of the plugin is to bring a distinctive character to a chorus effect, producing sounds that range from luscious stereoizing to exotic flanging to bizarre spatial effects. Cesium is a particularly lush, rich chorus but can also produce also more subtle effects for adding motion to your sounds.

The plugin is very suitable for synthesizer sounds but also for guitars. For the small linked demo below, the same as for the Tungsten. Hoping for more interesting demos that show more of the plugin’s character. Good demos are super important because they sell plugins. In that case,  more free downloads.

Green Oak Software Tungsten and Cesium are available now as a free download. They run as a  VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Green Oak Software 

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