Expert Sleepers Amelia, new function generator with ADBR configuration

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Expert Sleepers Amelia is a new clever envelope/function generator with a special attack, decay, break, and release (ADBR) configuration. 

Modulations are an essential tool in modular synths. They allow you to traditionally bend sounds in shape (longer for pads or short for basses) but also to add movement to the sounds to make them more organic. Function generators that surpass a classic envelope or LFO are particularly exciting here. They can do both in one module but also much more.

Expert Sleepers, known for their Disting Modules, today presented an envelope function generator/ module with a very special setting. The basis is an ADBR envelope, yes unique, from which you can generate various functions.

Expert Sleepers Amelia

Press Release: Expert Sleepers Amelia

‘Amelia’ is an envelope/function generator with an unusual ADBR (attack/decay/break/release) configuration. CV control of all envelope times and of the break level is provided. The envelope can be set to auto-trigger, turning it into a complex voltage-controlled LFO.

The shape of the attack and decay/release sections can be independently and continuously adjusted from exponential, through linear, to logarithmic.

Amelia was developed with use with sequencers particularly in mind, where often you only have a trigger output, not a gate of adjustable length. It allows you to create complex and flexible envelope shapes from that simple trigger signal that can be fully modulated under voltage control.

The module is constructed entirely from analog parts and discrete logic. There is no microcontroller or digital-to-analog conversion involved and, therefore no quantization of voltage levels or of the response time.

First Impression

Amelia is an interesting function generator that brings something fresh and new to the modulation world. The ADBR is certainly a special interest module and will be particularly exciting to use with sequencers.

Expert Sleepers Amelia is available soon for $185 USD/£179.

More information here: Expert Sleepers

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