AudioThing’s lo-fi tape plugin Reels is now available for iOS and Linux at 50% OFF

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AudioThing has ported its lo-fi tape plugin Reels to iOS with AUv3 support and Linux with a 50% off discount for a limited time.

OS got a big boost in 2022/2023, with more and more Mac/Windows developers wanting to go the mobile route. AudioThing, for example, has decided to port its popular plugin portfolio to iOS. On top, for Linux. Also lovely since there are not that many high-quality plugins like on mac/win.

Today they continue with the next big release. Now the tape plugin Reels has also landed on iOS and Linux. If you don’t have it yet, you can now save 50% OFF for a limited time. Yes, it is also valid for the mac/win version.

AudioThing Reels iOS

AudioThing Reels iOS

Reels is a unique lo-fi tape emulation plugin with a built-in echo section, and tape start and tape stop effect. According to AudioThing, it’s based on an old Japanese portable tape recorder with a very distinct lo-fi analog sound. Reels emulates all these imperfections, crackles… of consumer reel-to-reel recorders.

The plugin features three different modeled different 1/4” tape frequency responses and saturations, along with all the analog imperfections of tape recording/playback. You can set its character of it by working with various sound shaping parameters, including hardness, wow/flutter, drops, crosstalk, hiss, and motor.

Reels for iOS and Linux is a 1-to-1 port of the VST/AU plugin version, has the same feature set, and the iPad/iPhone version comes with AUv3 support.

Besides the new formats, AudioThing also published Reels v1.5.2 with improvements and bug fixes.

  • new macOS 13 Ventura and Windows 11 support
  • added AAX Silicon support
  • Improved: Oversample latency, gain staging, and CPU usage.
  • Fixed: Resize reset issue.

AudioThing Reels for iOS is available on the Apple AppStore for $9,99 USD. The desktop version for Windows, macOS, and Linux is out now for $29/29€  and is on sale at a 50% OFF discount until March 31st, 2023. The regular price is $59/59€.

More information here:  AudioThing  AppStore 

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