Behringer Brains reloaded: new update adds 5 engines (FM synth, TD-3…)

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Behringer has published an update for its Plaits macro oscillator clone Brains giving it a reloaded engine with FM synthesis, TD-3, and more.

With the Brains macro oscillator, Behringer joins the countless available clones of the almost legendary Mutable Instruments Plaits. However, unlike the other companies, Behringer has also changed its version at the core of the open-source software.

Besides to a fancy display, Behringer has also built in 5 new algorithms in addition to the 15 original from Plaits. Just before the end of the year, Mutable Instruments released a massive update for the Plaits. Since Behringer has adapted the hardware and software, Brains users have not been able to benefit from this update so far. Other clones do. But now Behringer has followed up with its own Brains update, called Reloaded.

Behringer Brains reloaded

Behringer Brains Update

Brains got a free “reloaded” update. One immediately thinks of the new mighty algorithms from the Plaits oscillator. Surprisingly, Behringer did not take over these completely. But that’s normal, as the new MI Plaits algorithms are not open-source.

Five new algorithms or engines have been added. One of them is heavily inspired on the Plaits update. The first new engine is BX7 and is an FM Synthesizer, including 32 classic FM synth patches as we know it from Plaits. All these patches are fully exchangeable with native DX7 patches. Via the Behringer SynthTribe application, you can easily upload new patches to the module.

Then, engine two is called bassline and gives the Brains module an acid injection. More precisely, it delivers the sound of the TD-3 (Roland TB-303 clone/replica) to Eurorack. It offers controls for distortion, resonance, modulation, and decay. This is a very nice addition that gives the Brains a little more originality.

Number three is the wave generator which provides “a plethora of waveforms with its gritty sound capable of cutting through in every modular session”, says Behringer. You get control over the waveform types. bit crusher, and sample rate. It doesn’t sound like a plaits code either, or am I wrong?

In engine four, Brains users can explore a new synthesized vocal morphing sound engine (VOX), giving you full control over the formant shift, resonance, and vowel blends. Again a custom development from Behringer. Nice.

The last of the five new algorithms is also an own development. But that is due to the nature of the module. Brains has a built-in display and the new audio scope engine makes use of it. It turns the module into an oscilloscope by routing any external audio signal into Brains V/oct input.

The update surprises. I assumed that Behringer would take the new MI Codes into Brains. Instead, they gave us 4 brand new algorithms and one that comes from Plaits. Great update.

Behringer Brains update is available as a free download from the official website.

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  1. The “final” Plaits update hasn’t been open sourced, so not available for use in forked projects such as Brains.

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