Music Producer 2023 Bundle with 8 plugins, sample libraries, and more for 23€

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The new Music Producer 2023 Bundle gives you 54 products, including 8 audio plugins, for just 23€ plus you support the charity. 

The website Humble Bundle is primarily known to gamers. Here you can buy many games in an attractive bundle for little money. In addition, every purchase helps a good cause. For some time, they also offer bundles for music producers.

I recently reported on the Music Variety Pack which is packed with AAS plugins. Today, they published another attractive bundle.

Music Producer 2023 Bundle

Music Producer 2023 Bundle

Participating in this new bundle are again some well-known companies from the music tech world. A special focus of this bundle is on effect plugins while the latter was more on instruments. The bundle consists of 8 audio plugins, 5 discount coupons, and 38 sample libraries.

With 38 sample libraries, that should be the focus, but as plugins enjoy a higher value, these are the highlight here.

The Music Producer 2023 bundle features 8 audio plugins, including:

  • MeldaProduction MReverb (reverb plugin with a spatial positioning system)
  • United Plugins Urban Puncher (multi-fx for the dynamics)
  • W.A Productions
    • Pumper 3 (compressor + saturator + stereo imager)
    • Multibender (unique 4-stage delay)
    • Fundamental Bass (mixing/mastering)
    • Vocal Cleaner (plugin to enhance your vocals using different processors)
    • Combuster (compressor)

Then, you get 5 discount coupons for Producer Loops ($5) + (50%), United Plugins ($15), MeldaProduction ($15), and W.A Productions (50%). And finally, you explore 38 different sample libraries from various companies that cover a wide range of sounds. Everyone will find something that suits their music production or style.

Another very nice bundle at an attractive price. Unfortunately, there are no synthesizers this time in this bundle. But the Music Variety Pack is still active, so if you need synths, don’t forget to check out this bundle.

The new Music Producer 2023 Bundle is available now for 23€ and ships with all 54 products.

More information here: Humble Bundle

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