Emergence v1.0, Daniel Gergely’s lovely performance granular plugin is now out of beta

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Emergence v1.0 is out now, Daniel Gergly’s lovely performance-oriented granular plugin (macOS/Win) is now out of beta status.  

At the beginning of January 2022, Daniel Gergely released Emergence, one of the best free plugins of the last year. A granular effect plugin that is very clear to use and instant fun to explore.

But it was known that the developer is still working on the final 1.0 version and that it probably won’t be for free. This work is now complete, and Emergence v1.0 is out now.

daniel Gergely Emergence v1.0

Emergence v1.0

Like the free version, Emergence v1.0 is a real-time granular effect with an easy-to-use interface. Immediately noticeable is the new extensive user interface. Away from the sleek to a screen-feeling resizable design. This should make it even easier and more fun to use. But don’t worry, the UI sections are collapsible to save screen space.

The engine has changed a little. Anyone who masters v0.3 also understands the commercial version. It features 4-grain generation streams with independent parameters and up to 600 grains. Including control over the position, increment, rate, length, pitch, reverse, and more.

There is also a freeze buffer content option. So everything we already know from the beta version.

Then, you can animate the parameters using the built-in modulation system with various modulation sources: 4 LFOs, ADSR envelopes, macros, audio input/output and parameter randomization. You can also synchronize time-based parameters to host tempo/beat to create in-time rhythmic effects.

Emergence v1.0 ships a built-in preset manager and help. The plugin can transform your sounds into beautiful, unique layered soundscapes. A huge texture with multiple flavors can be created from a simple piano note.

What’s New?

If you compare the beta with the official release, you won’t find many major new features (new modulators…).  It’s more about developer support. If you would like updates for the plugin, you cannot avoid the paid version. It’s super affordable, your support the developer, and you receive updates. If you don’t have problems with bugs, etc., the v0.3.2 beta is still available as a free download.

Glad to see that Emergence is now complete. Compared to other granular plugins (Sugar Bytes Graindad…) David’s plugin is very compact and simple. This makes it very hands-on and fun to use.

Emergence v1.0 by Daniel Gergely is available now for $20 or more. It runs as a 64-bit VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows. Emergence v0.3 remains a free download.

More information here: Daniel Gergely

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