Emergence, a fascinating free granulator plugin for macOS and Windows

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Emergence by Daniel Gergely, a fascinating, user-friendly granular processor for macOS and Windows, available as a free plugin with no strings attached.

I’m a big fan of experimental music. I love to spend hours tweaking sounds on hardware and software music tools. Granular synthesis is one of my favorites with which I get results very quickly. Robert Henke’s Granulator device for Max for Live, Audio Damage Quanta or Borderlands Granular on iOS. Tools with which I can work very creatively and fast.

You can also enter the deep world of granular synthesis without investing any money. With Emergence, Daniel Gergely offers a completely free granular plugin that is a lot of fun. Initially only available for Windows, it now also runs on Mac. And recently he published an update 0.3 with new features and improvements. Free, cross-platform and new update, three reasons to finally highlight this here.



Emergence is a real-time granulator that continuously records your input signal into a buffer. Like a traditional granulator, it playback the content of the buffer as grains known as tiny audio snippets. The plugin supports up to 600 grains in 4 streams, each having its own set of parameters (time, pitch, reverse…) hat control the grain generation. A waveform display provides direct feedback on the process.

How many you playback at the same time depends on your computer and CPU. An Apple computer with an M1 chip, for example, can reach easily a very high level. Emergence also offers a wide range of modulations to make the process more organic and wilder. You activate up to 4 multi-wave LFOs as well as 2 randomizers. Daniel Gergely raised the number of random modulators in version v0.3 and added frequency and probability controls to them.

It also includes high-quality grain pitch transposition (+/- 24 semitone) with quantization as well as a freeze function for the buffer content. Plus points for the resizeable UI and built-in helps.

The plugin is a must-have when dealing with soundscapes and textures. And for those who love granular, I don’t need to tell you what to do. Emergence is a fascinating, easy-to-use plugin that’s a lot of fun to use. Big thanks to the developer who offer this for free. A big gesture for the music production community.

Daniel Gergely doesn’t have an official website but you can download it for free from the KVR Audio forum. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.If you like the plugin you can support the developer’s work on Patreon or buymeacoffee.

More information here: KVR Audio 

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  1. hi! couldn’t get this to run in os x 10 15 7, finder warned that the creator of the file wasn’t acknowledged or similar! cheers

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