Bob Moog Foundation raffle, win a vintage Minimoog signed by Rush’s Geddy Lee

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The Bob Moog Foundation has announced a new raffle where you can win a vintage Minimoog signed by prog rock legend Geddy Lee of Rush

The Minimoog is an instrument with history. It was Bob Moog’s first portable analog Synthesizer which he released in 1970. It has massively shaped the music landscape and especially electronic music with its sound and workflow. To this day, developers are inspired by this legendary instrument for their new synthesizers.

Bob Moog passed away in 2005 but not his legacy. This will be continued. The specially established Bob Moog Foundation conveys his story. They preserve the BMF archives and run both the Moogseum and a synthesis school in Asheville

Bob Moog Foundation Geddy Lee

Bob Moog Foundation Raffle Geddy Lee

And a few times a year, they organize raffles where you can win vintage synths. Such an event is now taking place in February.

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced a vintage Minimoog raffle. It has the serial number 4070 which was built on the 14th of February 1974 at Moog’s Williamsville factory. According to the BMF, Jareth Lackey of Synthpro Restoration has restored the Minimoog. It had the Opto-Key upgrade that replaces the mechanical key contacts with infrared light sensors.

Then, they also added MIDI in and out on the back. So internally, the Minimoog is in top condition. The outside shows its real age better. They are some knocks and scrapes. Not a big thing, honestly, it shows the instrument is a vintage instrument.

Bob Moog Foundation Geddy Lee

This raffle endorses a legend of prog rock, Geddy Lee. Lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboard player for the Canadian rock band Rush. Moog synthesizers were used on many of their iconic songs, including Tom Sawyer or Xanadu. As a prog fan, I’m very happy about this partnership. When Geddy Lee played Tom Sawyer’s dominant riff in the linked video, I got an instant smile on my face. Well, I’m a huge prog fan.

He also signed the back with the words: This device is a modern-day warrior” which is a sentence from the lyrics of Tom Sawyer. Geddy says:

The Minimoog sets itself apart because it has a fat, identifiable tone. I really like that. It’s also very approachable. The sections of the Minimoog are broken down into very understandable sections.

Bob Moog’s legacy stands out as a pioneer, an inventor, and a stylist. He helped initiate styles of music that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible without his contribution.

How To Participate

As always, this Bob Moog Foundation raffle is not free. 10,000 tickets will be on offer, each costing $25, and will be entered into the draw. BMF explains why the raffles aren’t free:

Our raffles are fundraisers for our projects inspiring people of all ages through the intersection of science, music, technology, and innovation.

I wish you the best of luck and maybe one of my readers will win the Minimoog. I would be a little jealous as a Rush fan, hehe.

The Bob Moog Foundation Geddy Leed vintage Minimoog raffle is available until February 27th, 2023 or until all tickets are sold. The winner will be announced on Friday, March 3, 2023. Tickets are $25 each, five for $100, 12 for $200, or 35 for $500.

More information here: Bob Moog Foundation 

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