TEM Mini Is A New Desktop Analog Monophonic Synthesizer Inspired By The Minimoog

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The Minimoog is one of the strongest topics in recent months. Especially after BEHRINGER launched a Model D clone on the market. Even if the company brings out the Synthesizer for a no-brainer price, one should not forget the market of small developers. TEM Mini is per example a new desktop analog monophonic Synthesizer inspired by the famous Moog Minimoog.


TEM mini is 100% analog synth with two oscillators and 24dB low-pass filter inspired by MiniMOOG. There are lot of settings posibilities. Made by experienced synth maker in Czech Republic. There are some sound patches.

  • Monophonic analog Synthesizer
  • 2 oscillators (wave, triangle, saw, square, pulse)
  • Both oscillators with 5 octave range
  • Oscillator mixer
  • Sub octave for OSC 1
  • Two sub octaves for OSC 2
  • Pink noise generator
  • Moog style low-pass filter (24dB)
  • High-pass filter
  • ADSR envelope for filter and amplifier
  • LFO (wave, triangle, square, random)
  • LFO for oscillators pitch, filter and amplifier
  • MIDI input
  • Stereo output
  • 2x jack 6,3 TS
  • Made in Czech Republic
  • Optional memory for 100 patches

The TEM mini Synthesizer is now available for 635€ in the no memory version and 830€ with the patch memory.

If you are interested, contact Martin: martin@adsr.cz

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