AMSynths AM8109SE, the Jupiter-8 analog lowpass and highpass filters in Eurorack

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AMSynths AM8109SE squeezes the Roland Jupiter-4/8’s analog lowpass and highpass filters into a new Eurorack filter module.

Let’s stay with the Jupiter-8, one of the most legendary analog polyphonic synthesizers ever built by Roland. The JP-8 is often cloned, no matter in hardware or software. There are many software emulations, but recently we also welcomed a hardware replicant in the form of the Black Corporation ISE-NIN.

Yesterday Behringer previewed a Eurorack Synthesizer based on a single voice of the Jupiter-8. They also work on a complete clone of this classic. There are also clones/replicas available of individual components. One of these manufacturers is AMSynths, which also offers the Jupiter-4/8 filters in Eurorack.

AMSynths AM8109SE

AMSynths AM8109SE

In 2022 AMSynths released the Jupiter-8 filter as a Eurorack module. Now there is an update with a new faceplate and layout. More sliders fewer knobs. No info if there are internal differences.

The AM8109SE (14HP) is a new analog filter module for Eurorack that replicates the lowpass and highpass filters from the legendary Roland Jupiter-4 and Jupiter-8. The filter is based on the AS3109 2- and 4-pole OTA design that Roland used in the Jupiter-4. The JP-8, however, used a discrete version.

According to AMSynths, the design has been updated to use modern components with high-quality capacitors in the signal path.

It offers classic controls like cutoff frequency and resonance via sliders for the lowpass filter and a dedicated rotary potentiometer for the highpass filter. The slope, 24dB or 12dB, can be directly selected below the resonance slider.

Further, on the connection side, you get two audio signal inputs, a single audio output, and three control voltage inputs (mod, envelope, and keyboard) with dedicated sliders. Plus, the envelope CV signal can be inverted using the switch.

The Jupiter-8’s lowpass filter is known and loved for its warm, round tone and balanced Q compensation. All this, you find in the new AMSynths module and thus bring the characteristics into your modular setup.

At first glance, a nice update for AMsynths’ Juputer-8 filter module. It looks a lot better now and big plus for the sliders.

AMSynths AM8109SE will be available soon for £150.

More information here: AMSynths 

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