Ziqal Dimension, new firmware 4.0 turns the module into a wavetable synth voice

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Ziqal has updated its impressive wavetable oscillator Dimension to firmware 4.0, turning it into a synth voice with filters, envelopes, and more.

Almost a year ago, the new Belgian Eurorack manufacturer Ziqal presented the Dimension. A rich-sounding polyphonic wavetable oscillator with internal memory in only 10HP. So far, the module has done very well in the Eurorack community. More, it was one of the highlights of 2022.

The developers continued the Dimension firmware development over the last year and published several major updates with new features. Another impressive firmware update is out now, turning it into a complete synth.

Ziqal Dimension firmware 4.0

Ziqal Dimension Firmware 4.0

Firmware 4.0 for the Dimension wavetable module is a major step forward and pushes it into another module category. Into this of the synth voices.

It adds a multimode stereo filter per voice to the Dimension’s engine, making 8 internal VCFs inside the units. The filter comes with three 24dB filter flavors: lowpass, bandpass, and highpass. You can control it with classic cutoff and resonance parameters. It also includes a dedicated ADSR envelope allowing you to modulate it.

Since the Dimension also has an internal VCA with an envelope, the module becomes an independent synth voice with an oscillator, filter, and VCA part plus two envelopes.

Further, you can benefit in firmware 4.0 from all-new true-zero linear FM modulation for the wavetable oscillators. This catapults the module into new sonic worlds with way more harmonic-richer sounds—another great addition.

And the developers have reworked the display and menu. They promise that the display is now smoother and more fluid. Editing is now easier and more intuitive than before, says Ziqal. They also fixed several bugs.

A fascinating update for the Dimension wavetable oscillator. This firmware update gives the module a clear added value and a lovely New Year’s gift for existing users. Big like for this release.

The new Ziqal Dimension firmware 4.0 is available now for the MK3 hardware revision. The firmware for the MK1 and MK2 versions are coming in the next days.

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  1. This Osc flew under my radar and will probably be my next voice. Just listened to some demos and sounds massive with nice movement!

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