Loomer Sequent 2, modular step-sequenced FX plugin gets major engine revision

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The British developer Loomer has published Sequent 2, a major update for its modular step-sequenced FX plugin with new algorithms, improved UI, and more.

There are countless plugin manufacturers on the market. The big ones advertise their products on social media, whether with big advertising campaigns or YouTube videos. There are also many developers who do without it and don’t make bad products either.

I’m sure very few of my readers have heard of Loomer, an indie plugin company from the UK. Besides Synthesizers, they also develop interesting effects plugins. Its sequenced multi-effect processor Sequent just got a major free update.

Loomer Sequent 2

Loomer Sequent 2

Sequent 2 is the official sequel and packs all the well-known features of version 1 and much more. There are also some improvements to the engine as well as to the UI. The plugin remains a modular step-sequenced multi-effects processor where you can freely customize the signal path.

It hosts 11 different effects, 2 of which are completely new, including an oversampled frequency shifter, and a freezable reverb. Then, Loomer also added two new utilities, improving the modular workflow. You can now work with an audio splitter, an audio merger.

In addition to the 2 new effects, there are 9 more that come from Sequent 1: looper, analog-modeled filters, distortion, gate, pan, delay, reverb…  One of the strengths of Sequent 2 is the ability to chain effects in all possible combinations. This allows you to achieve complex effect constructs.

Loomer also gave the internal sequencing engine a makeover with new editing tools for shifting, rotating, and inverting sequences. Furthermore, Sequent 2 comes with an all-new resizable UI, in light and dark themes. And the developers also fixed various bugs and improved the performance of the plugin.

Also new is the addition of VST3 cross-platform (macOS, Windows, and Linux) and native Apple Silicon support. There is no tutorial or sound demo of Sequent 2. Here’s one for Sequent 1 that has many of the features of the updated version.

The market for sequenced effects is a tough one. There is a lot of competition and many developers compete to which plugin has more algorithms and possibilities. Sequent 2 is certainly not an effects monster in terms of the number of algorithms. Hello Infilatrator 2. Here you will find a good selection powered by a flexible modular environment. This is one of the key features of Sequent 2.

Loomer Sequent 2 is available now for £50 + VAT and runs as a VST2, VST3, AU,and AAX plugin and standalone on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon), Windows, and Linux. Sequent 2 is a free upgrade for customers who already own Sequent 1.

More information here: Loomer 

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