Kaona Mûmack, new analog oscillator with mixable shapers from France

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Kaona Mûmack is a new analog oscillator from France with three unique mixable shapers generating sounds from classic to complex and organic. 

Big and independent developers present new Eurorack modules almost every day. Analogue, digital, or even hybrid. The market grows and grows. But also new developers are constantly joining the community.

One of the newest is Kaona Modular Music from France which have presented a new analog oscillator with a fresh concept.

Kaona Mûmack

Kaona Mûmack

Mûmack is a new 30HP oscillator with a unique feature set. It uses a temperature-stabilized analog oscillator core producing three classic waveforms: triangle, saw, and rectangle. More exciting are three shaping ways that the module offers.

It starts on the left side with a built-in peak compressor that can modify your signals positively and negatively. A dedicated LFO (speed/amp) and CV input make compressor animations possible. From here, the signals go into different shaping sections.

Exciting is that you can use each section separately or mix them (USUAL, MUM, HACK) with dedicated sliders into the final signal (ALL).

Kaona Mûmack

Three Shaping Sections

The USUAL section allows you to freely mix the three waveforms and apply PWM to the shape. Yes, the usual stuff that we know from an oscillator. With the activated compressor, you can create complex analog waveforms. Full control is guaranteed via the sliders and potentiometers.

Then, it has the MUM section that continuously shapes your waveform (attenuated triangle – higher triangle – sine – square). An LFO allows you to add a vibrato adjustable speed and amplitude. Also fully controllable with sliders and potentiometers (VCA input attenuator).

The MUM signal is used again to feed the HACK, a wavefolder/compressor combo.  Depending on the settings of the Peak compressor, and the three LFOs, it can generate complex, organic waveforms.

On the output, you can adjust the volume of it and control it via the CV input with an attenuator. The built-in VCA controls each channel and also the mix of all three with an attenuator. It also adds distortion at high values to your sound.

According to the Kaona, the mixer has an exponential design for more subtle adjustments in low values.

At first glance an intriguing analog oscillator with a fresh concept. You can’t hear much about it so far, but the first sounds make you want more.

Kaona Mûmack is available now for 396€ from the official webshop. It ships with Befaco Knurlies.

More information here: Kaona

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