Korg drumlogue 1.1 update adds chromatic MIDI recording, more latch functions, and more

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Korg drumlogue 1.1 update is out now, adding chromatic MIDI recording, more latch functions, new Nano synth parameters, and more.

In mid -September 2022, Korg released the drumlogue, a hybrid drum machine featuring four analog voices, six sample-based slots, and an SDK-powered synth engine. The latter can be customized by the user as in the minilogue xd, NTS-1, or Prologue 8/16.

It took a little longer, but now there is the first major update for Korg’s new hybrid drum machine.

Korg drumlogue 1.1

Korg drumlogue 1.1

The new update 1.1 brings some new features to the drumlogue and fixes some bugs. The biggest new feature, in my opinion, is the ability to record chromatic MIDI data in the drumlogue. A function that many users would have wished for when releasing the hardware.

It also adds several new latch functionalities, including the option to latch into mute and shift mode. Plus, you have a solo function with latch.

Then, the drumlogue’s menu now displays the program/kit original value as well—also a good addition. The internal SDK-powered nano user synth by Sinevibes also got a little makeover with additional parameters.

Further, it comes with various fixes:

  • routing of MIDI pitch bend, channel pressure, poly key pressure messages
  • rare OLED flicker issue
  • cases where the power button must be pressed for a long time during the startup

Korg drumlogue 1.1 update is available now as a free update for existing customers. drumlogue is out now for 599€/$599,99 USD.

More information here: Korg 

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  1. I’m honestly underwhelmed by the Drumlogue and its designers’ lack of creativity.
    They need to turn 4 of those digital slots into digital drum synth slots.. 2 of them are called SP1 and SP2 so they could keep them as sample slots but then change the 4 others to something more interesting.
    It’s doable and I’ve no idea why they didn’t do it in the first place.
    Why not even open them to the SDK? But that’s probably asking too much 🙂

    • Because that would up the price of it and seems they’re aiming a lower-mid market price range to undercut elektron w/ customization (sdk) and the things people tend to gravitate towards. i.e. analog, sammples, perc-synth stuff, good amount of controls, and multi outs. I think they may have reached a decent-ish middle ground for the price, but I won’t buy one.

      • The multi-outs is quite good for sure.
        What I meant is that the digital slots are PCM capable (ie: they play samples), so this means that it’s possible to code simple drum synth algos onto them without stressing the CPU. I don’t think that’d up the price as it’s only a matter of software.
        Maybe in a future firmware update, the fact they’ve labelled it that way is perhaps a hint at this very feature? Let’s hope so.

    • I don’t get why Korg couldn’t have added some real analogue voices to an Electribe ER-1. People actually liked that machine, instead they’ve built whatever this is from scratch.

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