FutureRetro 777 Synthesizer will make a comeback in 2023

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FutureRetro is back in business and the popular 777 analog baseline Synthesizer will make a comeback in 2023.

In July, there was the sad news that FutureRetro was going out of business. A US-based Boutique manufacturer highly regarded by many musicians. Only three months later, in October, the comeback was announced under new management. It was not yet known what would happen next.

How the business and products will continue after the takeover was unknown. But now, just before the end of the year, there are signs of life where the journey is going.

FutureRetro 777 Synthesizer.

FutureRetro 777 Synthesizer

According to the website, the first new re-release under the new management will be the 777 Synthesizer. No information if it will be a 1-to-1 re-release or a further development with major or minor improvements.

The 777 is a monophonic analog Synthesizer that takes is heavily inspired by the Roland TB-303 baseline Synthesizer. It’s, however, not a clone or replica of the legendary Roland synth. It’s more of a further development with more functionality with the ability to create analog percussion, lead synth parts, and wild sound effects. Yes, a 303 on steroids.

Its core consists of two VCOs (saw/square) with FM capabilities, a white noise generator, and a sub-oscillator. Twice as much oscillator power as the 303 Then, the signal flows through a resonant lowpass filter with a switchable 3 or 7-pole slope. Besides this, it hosts a highpass filter.

You can also add juice to the sounds using the overdrive circuit in the amplifier section. There is also modulation onboard in the form of an envelope and 3 multi-wave LFOs.

The whole thing is driven by a sequencer with everything you would expect from a 303-inspired sequencer (accent, glide…), plus more options to create patterns and songs. You can have up to 256 patterns and up to 16 songs.

Anyone looking for a 777 should be patient. Please do not pay absurd second-hand prices. It will return soon. This is very good news.

According to FutureRetro a re-release of the 777 Synthesizer is scheduled for 2023.

More information here: FutureRetro 

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