IK Multimedia MODO Drum 1.5, new kits for the physical modeling drum plugin and a free version

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MODO Drum 1.5 brings three new acoustic drum kits (Silver, Brit Custom, Metal) for the physical modeling drum plugin and a free version for everyone. 

Not everyone can play drums live or have a fully miked drum kit at home or in the studio. Thus, many musicians use drum sequencers in their DAW to program patterns. In most cases, these uses samples from large built-in or third-party libraries But there are alternatives. With synthesis, for example.

The MODO Drum plugin by IK Multimedia gives you authentic drum kits based on physical modeling synthesis. There is now a new version out with more content to explore.

IK Multimedia Modo Drum 1.5

IK Multimedia MODO Drum 1.5

MODO Drum 1.5 is a new upgrade for IK Multimedia’s physical modeling drum instrument. It doesn’t bring any new features to the table but is a pure content upgrade. It now offers 13 deeply customizable virtual drum kits and a wider choice of versions to suit everyone’s need.

As a reminder: MODO Drum is a drum instrument based purely on physical modeling synthesis. It is capable to produces a wide range of realistic, acoustic drums without loading the hard drive with gigabytes of samples. A big benefit of the engine is the ability to shape drum sounds in super detail. For example, you can modify the dimension, material, surface, resonance, or even the playing style.

The plugin also ships with an effects suite and a groove manager that let you choose between 1400 grooves in different styles. Version 1.5 introduces the showroom with three entirely-new crafted kits:

Silver is a 6-pice vintage maple kit perfect for pop, rock, metal, and heavier genres. Brit Custom is a 4-piece birch kit with a warm and rich sound ideal for styles like indie-pop and indie-rock.

Metal is a 8-piece set that characterized by a fat sound with a dark color, perfect for genres that need a punchy rhythm section like metal and even more aggressive styles.

MODO Drum CS (Custom Shop)

If you don’t want to go all-in with the plugin, you can try the engine in the MODO Drum CS. A free version that features one of IK’s most popular drum kits and the full power of the MODO DRUM engine. At any time within the program, users can choose new kits à la carte, make their purchase and expand their drum room in minutes.

First Impression

I’m a big fan of physical modeling synthesizers and virtual instruments based on this super versatile technique. I’m glad to see that there are also drums. The new kits in MODO Drums 1.5 sound great form the demos. It’s a pity that version 1.5 is not a free update for existing customers.

IK Multimedia MODO Drum 1.5 is available now in three versions: the CS is FREE and comes with a 1 kit, the MD engines, grooves and effects. MODO Drum 1.5 SE is $149,99/149,99€ and includes 5 kits and everything the FREE versions has on offer. MODO Drum 1.5 is available for $299,99 USD/299,99€  and gives you all 13 kits, engine, grooves, and effects.

Individual MODO Drum Kits are priced $49,99/49,99€ and available to CS and SE users via the Custom Shop. Owners of MODO Drum 1.0 and qualifying IK products can benefit from special crossgrade prices starting at $79,99 USD /79,99€.

More information here: IK Multimedia 

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