Sample Logic Genesis Pads in Motion, new virtual instrument for Kontakt 6

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Sample Logic Genesis Pads in Motion, a new hybrid virtual instrument for Kontakt 6 (full) designed for creating evolving pads and textures.

Even though the Synth Anatomy readership interested in virtual instruments for Kontakt is smaller, I try to cover the most interesting new releases. That’s because there are also exciting instruments with great sounds and lots of tweakability.

One company that consistently releases very high-quality libraries is Sample Logic. They today released Genesis Pads in Motion, another big virtual instrument.

Sample Logic Genesis Pads in Motion

Sample Logic Genesis Pads in Motion

Genesis Pads in Motion is a new virtual instrument for Kontakt 6 that makes creating deep, animated pads and textures a breeze. SL says that “Genesis takes the pain out of pads, with sounds as silky-smooth as its streamlined design process.

The Genesis core consists of two customizable layers each with one of 600+ selectable sound sources from the built-in factory library. They range from classic orchestrations, synths, vocals, and more. If you want to delve deeper, you can modify each or create completely new ones using the four interface levels: main, edit, FX, and master.

Main gives you the option to blend between the two layers and change any of the major playback aspects of the engine, including volume and pan controls. Then edit offers you everything you need to modify the sample content and sound character. You can tweak its sample start, volume, pan, tuning, filtering, LFOs, and envelopes.

Effects, Animations…

The FX section features a hot-swappable audio effect processor section, powered by Kontakt’s internal FX engine. You can create FX chain presets with predesigned customizable animations. Lastly, you come to the master part where everything comes together. Here you can run the sounds through a customizable mastering FX chain with 30 available mastering effects to add the final touch to them.

Further, you can work with an advanced randomization engine that gives you instant new sounds. Here you can select the parameters that should or should not belong to the process. In this way, you can work in a very targeted manner. There is also a built-in modulation engine with LFOs, and more.

Genesis can be seen as a hybrid instrument as it creates sound sources from various sources such as synths or orchestration to massive, evolving pads.

At first glance another interesting library/virtual instrument from Sample Logic. It’s a pity that the new SL products are no longer designed for Kontakt Player but require the full version.

Sample Logic Genesis Pads in Motion is available now for an introductory price of $199,99 USD (reg. $249,99 USD). It requires the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher.

More information here: Sample Logic 

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