Deal: Roland System-1M semi-modular Synthesizer, save 38% OFF for a limited time

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Hardware Deal: save for a limited time 38% OFF on the Roland System-1M, a semi-modular Synthesizer powered by the Plug-Out technology.

Plugin deals are constant. The past has shown it doesn’t have to be Black Friday to get good deals on plugins. The same applies to hardware, but there it is rare that you can save a lot.

However, I found a great new deal in the US. There, Sweetwater is currently offering the Roland System-1M semi-modular digital Synthesizer with a massive 38% OFF discount, 38,51% OFF to be precise. Currently, it seems that the synth is out of stock but you can reorder it at the same price, according to the website. A very good price for the System-1m which normally retails for $649,99 USD.

Roland System-1m deal

Roland System-1m Deal

The System-1m is a semi-modular digital Synthesizer like no other. This is mainly due to its unique engine. This is based on a hybrid engine consisting of the Roland System and the Plug Out Technology.  The System engine can also be found in the System-1 keyboard version or with 8-voice polyphony in the System-8.

The System engine consists of two flexible oscillators with six waveforms, cross-mod, ring mod, sync, and color control. Then, you get classic Roland filter section with both 12dB and 24dB filter types and independent high-pass filters. There are also two full ADSR envelopes, a single multi-wave LFO, and an effect section with both-crusher, delay, and reverb. And this is playable not only in monophonic but also up to 4-voice polyphonic.

A big advantage of the System-1m is the ability to take the engine into the modular world. A large part of the parameters can not only be tweaked with high-resolution knobs and sliders with LED indicators, they can also be modulated with CV. This opens up many new possibilities not possible with the System-1 keyboard.

Roland System-1m deal

Plug-Out Technology

In addition to the System engine, there is also the Plug-Out Engine with which you can turn the System-1M in a new Synthesizer in seconds. Roland has released four different engines over the last few years, which are actually plugins that can be exported to the hardware. These are emulations of the SH-101, SH-2, Promars, and System-100.

My favorite here is the SH-2, which is a very powerful, massive mono synth with a lot of character. Important: if you use the Plug-Outs, they are playable in mono and not in polyphonic. Yeah, a downer. And like the System engine, you can control it almost entirely with your modular system.

Further, you can route in external audio and process it through the filter, amp, and FX section thanks to its external input. Another great feature of the System lineup is the built-in 24-bit/96kHz audio and MIDI interface.

Roland System-1m is available for $399,99 USD instead of $649,99 USD at Sweetwater for a limited time.

You can get the deal here: Sweetwater 

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