Leak: Eventide H90, the successor of the H9 multi-fx pedal

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According to a leak, Eventide will publish the H90, the successor of the H9 multi-fx pedal with two FX slots, more algorithms, and more.

The world is so fast. As soon as an article is written, it is old again. I wrote a news article about the teaser of the new Eventide product this afternoon. At the same, the new Eventide H90 popped up on The Gear Page forum.

This is a leak, and it’s not confirmed if its the real product we will see tomorrow. But it looks very real and legit.

Eventide H90 Leak

Eventide H90 Leak

According to the leak, the H90 is a new multi-effects processor based on the H9 architecture. So it’s an H9 successor. The new hardware is based on an ARM-based architecture that lays the foundation for all-new and best-known H9 effects.

The big news is that you can use two effects simultaneously per program. So that’s the minimum I wanted. More slots would certainly have been better, but 2 is a step forward for the H9. Maybe more slots sometimes as H900, H9000, H90000…

It comes preloaded with 62 effects algorithms, where 10 are brand-new, including Polyphony, Prism Shift, Bouquet Delay, Head Space, Weedwacker, Even-vibe, Wormhole, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, and SP2016 Reverb. Additionally, all 52 beloved effect algorithms from the H9 Max harmonizer with enhanced features are also included.

Then, it comes with a new low-latency polyphonic pitch shifter with SIFT (spectral instantaneous frequency tracking) technology. According to the leaked information, you can route effects in series or parallel and use a unique true spillover function between the programs.

More Hardware Controls

A major weakness of the H9 hardware is the operation. Eventide has completely revised this in the new H90. It comes with new big OLED screen and five knobs for more tactile control. This definitely looks better and more user-friendly.

The leak says that the H90 supports instrument or line-level operation, so also for synths, and is able to process two independent stereo signals at the same thanks to its dual mode.

Connection side, you get a stereo input and stereo on two mono inserts, two expression inputs for pedals, up to 3-button aux switches, and CV signals. And the H90 also ships with a new control software that allows you to edit programs, create rosters, and update the firmware.

This looks like an exciting successor. I’d rather have more slots than just two, but two is always better than one. The new interface is a big plus compared to the original H9. I hope I can test the H90 with synths more closely in the future.

Eventide H90 will be announced tomorrow and will cost $899 USD says the leak.

More information will follow here: Eventide 


Source: The Gear Page

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