Dreadbox Erebus and Hades DIY kits are available now

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Dreadbox has today released the DIY kits of the Erebus and Hades monophonic analog synthesizers, initially announced at Superbooth 22

Back at Superbooth 22, Dreadbox surprisingly announced the comeback of their popular monophonic analog synthesizers Erebus and Hades. Especially nice, these are based on the original designs of the first generation with slight changes.

The DIY kit versions are now available in limited numbers. The built versions will come at the end of December.

Dreadbox Erebus Hades DIY kits

Dreadbox Erebus Hades DIY Kits

Each DIY kit consists of three pre-soldered PCB board, an aluminum, panel, mechanical parts, 42HP metal enclosure, a ribbon cable, and a DIN5 to 3,5mm MIDI adapter.

According to Dreadbox, these are not difficult kits and don’t require any soldering. And they are a lot of cheaper. Unfortunately, they are limited to 200 Erebus and 100 Hades kits.

Dreadbox Erebus Hades DIY Kits


Erebus is a new analog paraphonic Synthesizer with two oscillators, each with two waveforms, separate glide controls, and hard sync function. Then, it has a rich-sounding 2-pole lowpass pre-fed filter, two envelopes (ADSR, AR), a wide range LFO, an OTA-based VCA, and the best-known lo-fi delay effect.

Unlike the original, the new Erebus now has updated envelopes that are snappier. Also onboard is a patch matrix with 15 patch points allowing you to work semi-modular. Yes, the Erebus is also fully Eurorack compatible and can be mounted as a 42HP synth voice in a Eurorack case.

It ships with a compact case that includes a USB power supply.


The second new reissue is Hades, a smaller analog bass synth with a rich, dark sound reminiscent of Roland synths. It features a single oscillator with two sub-octaves and 2 waveforms with PW control.

Further, you get a 3-pole resonating lowpass filter, two envelopes (AD/RS + AR), a wide range LFO, and OTA-based VCA and distortion. There is also a patch matrix with 11 patch points allowing you to export the Hades sound in the modular realm. Like Erebus, you can also use Hades as a 42HP Eurorack synth voice or alternatively standalone with the included case with USB power.

Hades is particularly suitable for anyone looking for a Synthesizer that shines with analog bass sounds. I test the first version of Hades many years ago and loved it for its simplicity and the fat, rich sound.

Very happy to see that both synths are back with improved feature sets. Maybe I need new synths, haha.

Dreadbox Erebus and Hades are available now in limited quantities. Erebus costs 320€  and Hades 220€ excluding VAT. The build version will be available in December. Erebus will be 479€ and Hades 349€.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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