UAD 10.2 adds new polysynth and reverb plugins to UAD Spark

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With UAD 10.2, UAD has expanded the plugin portfolio for both hardware and Spark subscribers with a new polysynth, reverb, and more.

Subscriptions are currently one of the top topics in the audio plugin business. Many developers dare the step into the subscription game and offer their software completely or as an alternative to buying. It causes heated discussions in the music producer community. Some like these options, but many also turn away from companies that take this step.

Until recently, UAD plugins were only available in conjunction with their DSP hardware. With the Spark subscriptions, these limitations have broked down, and a good part of their plugins are now also available without a hardware “dongle.”  Today, we welcome a new update where new plugins are added for both groups.

UAD Spark 10.2

UAD 10.2 Spark

UAD has updated the software to version 10.2 and expanded its Spark subscription. In the latter, you can now find two brand-new plugins. First, it includes Polymax, a new analog-modeling Synthesizer plugin inspired by hardware synths from the golden age of polyphonic synthesizers.

Polymax has two oscillators, and a noise oscillator that can be mixed in a dedicated mixer section. From here, it goes in a multi-mode filter with cutoff and resonance controls. Modulation side, you get a modulation matrix that hosts two ADSR envelopes and a single LFO.

Additionally, you can refine your sounds with a selection of effects, including chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, and reverb. Other good features are a unison mode and an arpeggiator. A very classic synth that doesn’t bring anything innovative or new at first glance. Rather more of the same what you already have from free plugins or other commercial releases, but now from UAD.

Then, you get the new Hitsville Reverb Chambers plugin, modeled on the classic Motown sound. It includes two reverb chambers modeled on spaces within the legendary studio complex.

You can also make advanced microphone positioning and adjust the width and depth of the space. It sounds like an interesting plugin if you search Stevie Wonder, or Marvin Gaye-style reverb record timbres.

C-Suite Update

Further, the C-Suite also gets a new addition. New onboard is the C-Axe Guitar Noise Suppressor that allows you to remove any unwanted hum, his, or background noise from guitar tracks. According to UAD, it works with extremely low latency when used with their UAD Apollo interfaces.

Universal Audio UAD 10.2 is now available as a free update for your UA hardware (Apollo audio interfaces and UAD hardware). The new plugins are either available as perpetual licenses or in the UAD Spark subscription. Polymax is available for $199 USD, Hitsville Reverb Chambers for $349 USD, and C-Suite for $349 USD.

UAD Spark costs $19,99 USD per month or $149,99 USD per year, including a 14-day unlimited demo version. The plugins run as a 64-bit only VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: UAD

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