Korg minilogue Bass, new limited edition clothes but with the same solid engine

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Korg minilogue Bass is a new limited edition minilogue minus the xd factor but in new black, red clothes and with 100 new sounds.

Every new Synthesizer release arouses my interest. Especially the devices that have something innovative or fascinating about them and awaken creativity.

But what I find difficult for myself is when companies start to resell their already well-known instruments by giving them new clothes, producing them in limited quantities, and asking for more than the original. To me, that’s more marketing than anything else. And now there is such a strange scenario for the Korg minilogue Synthesizer.

Korg minilogue Bass

Korg minilogue Bass

The minilogue is a fabulous hands-on 4-voice analog poly Synthesizer. A few years ago, we called it the flagship in the field of affordable polyphonic analog synths. However, with the release of the xd version, the original minilogue has become a bit outdated. For me, there aren’t many reasons to get the silver version, especially given the current price difference of 90€.

In January 2023, Korg will re-launch the original minilogue as minilogue Bass. This with the same popular 4-voice analog engine but in new black and red clothes in limited quantities. This includes a black-red keybed finish which is very lovely.

Korg minilogue Bass

The case has been swapped from silver to black and includes wild decorations. A bit too much for me.

Besides the new look, the Korg minilogue Bass includes 100 new sound programs created by a hand-picked group of professional bassists and sound designers from around the world to bring you a variety of rich, analog bass tones that will fuel your inspiration and add flavor to your music.

Otherwise, it stays the same: 4-voices, 2 VCOs with cross mod, ring mod and sync, 8 different modes, analog filter, 2 envelopes, 1 LFO…, I’ll spare you a big feature list because I’m pretty sure almost everyone who deals with synths knows the minilogue feature set.

Korg minilogue Bass backside

Videos from YouTubers should be missing, of course, and Korg has his hand-picked creators who are always allowed to make videos in advanced. Spoiler, it’s not me.

First Impression

I could be wrong, but I don’t think we really need an original minilogue in new limited-edition clothes and some new sounds. I would have more positive feelings about an xd in such a design.

Pretty sure a must-have for collectors, but anyone, who buys a synth to make music with it in the next years will likely go for the xd version for 90€ more. Unless the person is completely in love with the design and can do without the awesome multi-engine oscillator and effects engine.

A release we don’t really need, in my opinion. I’m honestly sorry. And for limited editions usual, the price has been adjusted accordingly.

Korg minilogue Bass will be available in January 2023 for 789€ in limited quantities.

More information here: Korg 

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  1. Cool looking. Nice suggestion to mod my ML XD 😉

    it’s true, the ML is certainly not a bass monste. But with 2+1 Oscs you can actually get any usable bass. Even if we are missing the real analog punch here.

    But the ML XD delivers other qualities, which are also known. Lead, stabs, chords and sequences.

  2. I 100% agree with you. Besides, the design is a bit childish IMHO, like a keyboard for contemporary gamers… Would have been pretty without that strange printed texture.

  3. I Like the “Classic” minilogue more then the “XD” Because:

    Filter sound and options very well suited for a polysynth.
    Two full adsr envelopes with individual routing to filter or oscs.

    Digital OSC and FX but everything else is lesser then the original.

    Also funny i use the original classic minilogue for a lot of things but never bass 😉

  4. So stupid. Anyone with black synths (or even black TVs or receivers, for that matter) know how hard it is to read anything on them. You shouldn’t have to have a floodlight on your controls to read the writing.

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