Elektron Syntakt 1.2 firmware adds two melodic analog digital machines

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Elektron has updated its hybrid drum Synthesizer groovebox Syntakt to firmware 1.2, adding two melodic machines: SY Swarm and SY Raw. 

With the Syntakt, Elektron has released an exciting new hybrid drum Synthesizer/groovebox in April. The first product after a long break. Exciting here is the dual engine, which consists of an interesting mix of analog and digital sound generation. In addition, the possibility of using the Syntakt as an analog multi-effect should not be underestimated.

Last week the news came that you can save 200€/$ on a new Syntakt purchase during Black Friday. And there are more reasons to be happy. Elektron released a new firmware today that makes the device more versatile.

Elektron Syntakt firmware 1.2

Elektron Syntakt 1.2

The Syntakt engine consists of a plethora of analog and digital machines. These are feature-compact synth programs tuned for specific sounds like kick, snare, bass… In firmware 1.2, this concept is expanded with two new machines: SYN RAW and SY SWARM.

SY RAW is a new analog machine consisting of two analog oscillators and noise where the oscillators have sine, asymmetric sine, triangle, sine saw, saw, or square waves available. There is also a phase reset that is handy for creating punchy bass sounds. It also comes with a ring modulator perfect for more distinct raw sounds.

SY SWARM is a new digital machine inspired by super saw sounds. It comes with seven oscillators, where one is a fundamental oscillator, and the other 6 are detuned oscillators. Plus, you get noise modulation, a sub with -1/-2, and a built-in overdrive.

This is suitable for very fat, wide sounds perfect for basses or leads.

Further, the new firmware supports sustain pedal (sustain and sostenuto) over MIDI and improves the general performance of the device.

And saving a song to a project now works the same as saving a pattern to a project. After using SAVE TO PROJ in the SONG menu, the song is saved without needing to save the project afterward. However, the project needs to be saved before switching to another project to retain the changes.

Plus, you can benefit from many bugfixes. All in all a nice update just before the end of the year.

The new Elektron Syntakt firmware 1.2 is available now as a free download. The hardware is out now for 799€/$799 USD for a limited time.

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  1. updated my Syntakt. the two new synth engines are great! finally bring a little more pressure and warmth to the ST!

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