TC Electronic Icon Dock, Rack For Your Icon Series Plugin Controllers

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The TC Electronic Icon Series are plugins with neat hardware controller modules that can now be plugged into a dock with integrated USB called Icon Dock

Hardware and software. Two worlds that meet in the music world. In other areas, no problem, it tends to split users in the music industry. Many like DAWless systems and don’t want a computer to compose music. Others produce completely in the box. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Hardware is much more hands-on where software is more flexible.

With its Icon Series, TC Electronic has released controllers specially designed for their plugins. From delay, reverbs, EQs … everything is available. Each plugin has its own control, with or without a screen. The big advantage is the haptics you get here. Instead of working with a mouse or any random MIDI controller, you have all the parameters on a dedicated controller. For +/- 150 € these plug-in & controllers are relatively inexpensive. No wonder, TC Electronic belongs to the MusicTribe in which Behringer is also.

TC Electronic Icon Dock

TC Electronic Icon Dock

One problem with these individual controllers is that they lie around loosely on the desk. Many want a rack. TC Electronic is now fulfilling this wish of its customers with Icon Dock. It’s a kind of rack in which you can install individual modules. Similar to a Eurorack modular only for these controllers. The Icon Dock has an integrated USB hub with which you can all the modules with a single USB cable to your computer. Micro USB as a solution is, however, less attractive.

TC Electronic Icon Dock

Further, it also ships with rack ears so you can rack mount it also easily.


  • Dock, power and connect your TC Electronic Icon Series controllers like the TC2290 and DVR250 in one sleek and tidy unit
  • Integrated USB hub for tidy cable runs, connect to your computer with a single USB cable
  • Non-slip pads for secure desktop placement
  • Rack ears included for rack mounting
  • Universal wall wart power supply included
  • Internal USB connection for controllers + 2 m USB extension cable for computer included

At first look very handy. I’m glad that TC responded to the community’s request. It significantly upgrades the controllers and makes them more interesting for many.

Price & Availability: TBA

More information here: TC Electronic

TC Electronic Icon Series controllers are available at our partner


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