Apple Logic 10.7.5 update brings free tempo recording, Ableton Link, and more

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Apple has quietly updated Logic Pro to 10.7.5 with free tempo recording, Ableton Link support, smart tempo analysis improvements, and more. 

With the Logic Pro DAW, Apple offers a very affordable package. Lots of features, lots of high-quality instruments and effects, and constant free updates.

Speaking of updates, Apple has dropped a new update for Logic Pro with great new features and improvements.

Apple Logic Pro 10.7.5

Apple Logic Pro 10.7.5

The new Logic Pro 10.7.5 wasn’t announced much, but it offers a lot of good additions. Starting with the new track stacks functionality that allows you to create an additional level of hierarchy. This gives you more flexibility and organization within projects. It also ships with a new gain tool that provides quick and easy adjustments to the dB level of regions. Looks like this function doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut, maybe they will add this in the next smaller update.

Another great addition is that the built-in MIDI plugins from Logic Pro can now be recorded, allowing precise editing of the resulting notes and controller data. A functionality that was missing since the introduction of these creative MIDI plugins.

Then, Logic Pro 10.7.5 introduces a new free record transport button. So you now capture ideas without a metronome without a count-in. This, too, is a long-overdue feature for Logic Pro, thanks to the developer. According to Apple, they also improved the smart tempo analysis with a new machine learning-based system. For example, you can add and edit hits for downbeats and beats using this technology.

Ableton Link, New Stompbox Plugins…

In addition, the DAW has also received a function that will make mobile musicians very happy. Logic Pro 10.7.5 now features Ableton Link support, Ableton’s open sync/jamming protocol. So you can now keep iOS apps or hardware (MPC Series…) in sync with Logic Pro.

Further, there is a great update for the Pedalboard effect processor. Apple has turned the 35 stompboxes effects into 35 individual plugins making them available outside the Pedalboard.

Logic also offers now personalized spatial audio profiles created with iOS 16 with which they push this field further. There is also 32-bit float audio file support and the local edit menu in the mixer now has a new command that lets you select channel strips with the same panner type as the currently selected channel strip.

Even if it’s only a point 5 update, a big one with many great additions and improvements. And yes, for those who do not yet have Logic Pro and live in the EU, you now have to dig deeper into your pockets LP now costs €239 instead of €199.

Apple Logic Pro 10.7.5 is available now as a free update for existing customers. Logic Pro is available now for $199 USD/239€.

More information here: Apple 

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