U-he HIVE Synthesizer 1.2 Will Get A Wavetable Scanning Feature!

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The oscillator section of U-he’s HIVE Synthesizer plugin will be expanded in near future with a brand new wavetable scanning feature!

If you look at the trends in software Synthesizers, wavetable synthesis continues to dominate. Xfer Serum, the upcoming Massive X Synthesizer or Ableton Live’s Wavetable synth are all based on the same synthesis type. HIVE, the energy-saving (CPU) soft synth from U-he now also gets wavetable support in the oscillator section in the upcoming update.

Interesting decision is here that U-he will not include a deep wavetable editor in HIVE but leaves everything simple. Designing own wavetable is here not possible so you need to use other tools like Zebra 2, Serum, Wave Edit, scripting… U-he describes it as wavetable scanning feature. If you want to use the new feature, you can already use it in a very early version at your own risk.

Urs Heckmann Says About This

To prepare the world for Hive’s upcoming wavetable scanning feature, we have decided to unleash a preliminary version (UI and all is subject to change). First off, these versions are not polished and they are not considered production level. Use at your own risk. These Hive and Zebra2 releases are WIP versions solely for the purpose of testing the wavetable feature and starting the process of wavetable generation. The XY feature in particular is not yet final.

The wavetable feature is pretty mature though. The work done there will be valid in the final Hive 1.2 version. Note: All of this is designed under the premise to incur the least change possible to Hive. For most end users, all that changes is the addition of a gazillion waveforms. We did not want to add elaborate wavetable editors or anything. We leave wavetable generation up to those who want to dive in. They can use the scripting feature as well as Zebra2 or Serum, or even WaveEdit and other tools. We will furthermore not discuss other feature wishes at this stage.

Alpha/Beta Participation

To participate in the alpha/beta version of HIVE 1.2, visit the U-he forum at KVR Audio. Early version of the new HIVE and Zebra 2 are available there for download. Also here you will find additional information about the wavetable format.

Availability: TBA

More information here: U-he Forum 

Available here: U-he HIVE 

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