Synclavier Regen, multi-layer desktop synth with additive synthesis and samples

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At Synthplex 2022, Synclavier showcases Regen, a new multi-layer desktop Synthesizer that combines additive synthesis with sample playback. 

Synthplex, one of the largest Synthesizer fairs in the USA, started yesterday with a Keith Emerson tribute concert. Many developers will show their latest products over the weekend. The first day of the fair has only just begun and there is already an exciting new Synthesizer. From a company that caused a stir in the past and then disappeared.

Synclavier is back. This time not with an iOS app but with a mighty, unique desktop Synthesizer.

Synclavier Regen

Synclavier Regen

Regen is a new desktop digital Synthesizer that contains several synthesis types taken from the Synclavier II. Visually it is reminiscent of an Akai Synthesizer with the black/red design, but don’t worry, it was developed by Synclavier. The company that already brought us the Synclavier Go app for iOS.

At its core, Regen offers a combination of additive and subtractive synthesis. The additive side gives you full control of 24 harmonics while the subtractive part offers classic waveforms, super saws, PCM waves, and noise. You can also use samples for your carrier waveform.

In total, you can layer up to 12 partials with different sound engines (additive, subtractive, samples) plus add effects to each partial.

According to the specs, it also supports multi-sample patch lists. More precisely, you can have 12 tracks for multi-timbral playback or layering sounds. Each track also hosts multiple effects including chorus, reverb, vibrato, tremolo, arpeggiator, bit-crusher, or ann multi-mode filter. This gives you tons of possibilities for complex sounds.

Synclavier Regen

Then, the engine also includes advanced modulators with responsive curves driven by pressure, velocity… And the engine also fully supports polyphonic aftertouch and MPE.

That sounds like a very deep engine. and so you don’t get lost in it at the beginning, Syclavier ships Regen with over 250 timbre presets, 900+ factory presets, 6 newly-created libraries, and two new sample libraries packed with original content. Hopefully, the operation is simpler than in the original Synclavier synthesizers.


On the connection side, you get two high-fidelity DC-coupled audio outputs (stereo XLR or TS) with 130dB of dynamic range, power switch, and tons of USB connections. You get a USB-C port for power, another classic USB port, and four USB host ports for connecting keyboards and other peripherals. MIDI over 5-pin TRS is also onboard.


The operation looks very special and futuristic. Instead of knobs, the Regen uses a knob-only concept. Parameters can be controlled using the touch slider (liquid-like touch swiper) on the left side beside the big OLED screen. If you like knobs, this synthesizer is probably not much fun . There are two screens, one bigger one and a smaller above.

And if a new Synthesizer is about to be released, a Loopop video is not far away

The Regen concept is very daring and will certainly not appeal to a large number of Synthesizer fans. Mainly because it has no knobs. But the idea of bringing a modern additive Synthesizer onto the market is excellent. We’ve had a lot of analog synthesizers, replicas, and hybrids in the past. Such concepts show that other synths are also possible.

Synclavier Regen is available soon for $2499 USD + VAT.

More information here: Synclavier 

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