Strymon turns its epic BigSky reverb pedal into a VST plugin

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Strymon has turned its epic-sounding BigSky stereo reverb pedal into a VST plugin for your DAW (macOS and Windows).

Musicians love reverbs. No matter if synthesizer players, or guitarists… everyone loves reverbs. The effect is available in hardware and in software. One of the most popular and best-sounding reverb pedals is the Strymon BigSky. No matter what you chase through this processor, it sounds epic afterward.

Something that was previously unimaginable has now become a reality. The BigSky algorithms are now available as a VST plugin for macOS and Windows.

Strymon BigSky plugin

Strymon BigSky Plugin

The BigSky plugin is a new stereo reverb plugin that uses the same high-end algorithms as found in the hardware BigSky. It includes 12 different effects, including

  • bloom: 90’s style reverb with diffusion
  • swell: allows you to create swelling reverb effects
  • spring reverb
  • plate reverb
  • hall reverb
  • room reverb
  • reflections: a psychoacoustically accurate small-space reverb that allows you to move your source anywhere in the room
  • non-linear gives you different backward shapes, including swoosh reverse, and ramp as well as gated reverb.
  • magneto: a multi-head echo-style reverb
  • shimmer: unique reverb made of two tuneable voices add pitch-shifted tones to the reverberated signal
  • chorale: reverb with vowel timbres.
  • cloud: a big ambient reverb machine

The user interface is super straightforward designed and offers all parameters of the reverb at a glance. Each algorithm has additional parameters with which you can tweak it in detail. There is also an additional feature set allowing you to create never ending reverbs. Great for ambient, drone musicians. You get a freeze and infinite switch with a hold.

A big advantage between the plugin and the pedal is that you can use this version in multiple instances without buying the pedal multiple times. According to Strymon, many music producers have asked for a plugin. That was the right decision.

The BigSky plugin version is not cheap, but you know the high quality you get here.

Strymon BigSky plugin is available now for $199 USD. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Strymon 

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