Oversynth releases new overlays for the Dreadbox Typhon analog Synthesizer

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Oversynth has released new colorful overlays for the Dreadbox Typhon Synthesizer that change the look and make hidden functions visible.

Hybrid Synthesizer concepts where analog and digital meet are very trendy. Two successful examples here are the Arturia MicroFreak, which offers digital oscillators with analog filtering, and also the Dreadbox Typhon. The latter is a powerful analog mono Synthesizer packed with features and digital DSP effect power from Sinevibes.

Two hybrid synths with two different operating concepts. The deeper one here is the Greek Typhon which requires quite a bit of menu diving. For this mighty synth, Oversynth has released new colorful overlays that promise a better workflow.

Oversynth Dreadbox Typhon

Oversynth Dreadbox Typhon

Oversynth is a US-based company that designs and produces overlays for hardware synthesizers.

According to the company, they print the overlays on a highly durable and waterproof polymer material (not vinyl, fiber, or plant-based). The matte finish is designed to minimize reflections from ambient light for maximum readability.

Oversynth designed 9 different overlays for the Dreadbox Typhon. From simple black or white to very colorful. On the overlay, you will find labels for hidden functions that are important. Compared to other overlays, the interface here is still well laid out and not overloaded with extra functions.

Oversynth Dreadbox Typhon

If I had to choose an overlay, it would probably be the simpler black with white accents. I think that fits here well with the Dreadbox Typhon.

Nice that you can now give the Typhon your own touch and make hidden functions visible at the same time. The overlays are, however, not cheap.

Oversynth Dreadbox Typhon Overlays are available now for $27 USD.

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  1. Thank God someone redesigned the fascia of this otherwise hideous synth. Then again, I loathe most of their design choices.

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