GEOSynths ZENITH Vol 3, new patch library for the Novation Peak and Summit synths

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GEOSynths has released ZENITH Vol 3, a new patch library with 128 new sounds for the Novation Peak and Summit synthesizers.

The Novation Peak and Summit were the last instruments creations by British synthesizer developer pioneer Chris Huggett. These are innovative hybrid synthesizers with high-resolution digital oscillators and analog filters, distortion, and more. Two modern synthesizers with a very impressive sound spectrum.

For these two there are now new sounds by Jamie Morden aka GEOSynths.

GEOSynths ZENITH Vol 3

ZENITH Vol 3 is a new patch library with 128 all-new sounds. According to the developer, many of the patches utilize the latest firmware 2.0 functionalities such as animate envelopes, extra destinations for the panning, and the new delay features.

I’ve concentrated on making Sounds I want to play and hear, plus I’ve dug deeper into the FX, especially the Reverb to create supporting washes for great Ambient Sounds.

The library features many motion pads for soundtracks, and analog bass and lead sounds. All 128 have Controllers such as Mod Wheel, Aftertouch assigned, as well as both of the Animate Buttons. The Patches were made on the PEAK and then converted using Components for the Summit.

GEOSynths ZENITH Vol 3 is available now for $39 USD and is compatible with the Novation PEAK and Summit. Or you can buy all three ZENITH volumes with 384 patches for $99 USD.

More information here: GEOSynths 

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