After Later Audio MIC Line, new full-size replicas of Mutable Instruments modules

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After Later Audio MIC Line, new full-size replicas of Mutable Instruments modules: the first three modules are now available.

At the end of April, Mutable Instruments announced that they will gradually phase out their module production. Only four modules are currently available: Beads, Plaits, Veils, and Ripples. Thanks to the open-source licensing hardware and software wise, the modules will live on as clones/replicas from other companies.

There has been a large market for clones/replicas for a long time. A larger developer company is now also making some under the MIC Line.

After Later Audio MIC

After Later Audio MIC

At Knobcon 2022, After Later Audio announced new full-size replicas of Mutable Instruments modules. The first three modules are now available.

Cumulus is a new replica of the Mutable Instruments Clouds, Resonate will be a remake of Rings, and Dice is a reproduction of Marbles. The modules have exactly the same feature set as the originals. Unlike many other clones, these don’t come with alternate firmware versions, more control options, etc. Other Mutable Instruments clones are planned says After Later Audio.

Do We Need More MI Clones/Replicas?

An interesting release. But I wonder how many clones of the Mutable Instruments modules we still need. If you look at Modulargrid,, etc. you can see that the market of cloned MI modules is very competitive. Is the market still not saturated?

I think at some point everyone will have a Clouds in the Rings rack. For me, developers should again put their resources more on new products than on MI clones.

The first modules of the  After Later Audio MIC Line are available now. Cumulus for $199 USD, Resonate for $199 USD, and Dice for $274 USD.

More information here: After Later Audio 

Available for pre-order at my partner

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