U-he Twangström Spring Reverb Plugin Is Available Now!

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At Superbooth 2018, U-he presented two new plugins in addition to the first Eurorack module. One of them was Twangström, a new high-quality spring reverb plugin for PC & Mac. Good news: it’s now available. As you expect from U-he, this new plugin is not a simple emulation of a spring reverb but a step forward what is possible in software.

It features shakeable springs for an authentic sound, three different reverberation tanks, a multimode filter as well as modulation options. With the envelope generator and LFO, it’s possible to create very crazy reverb effected sounds that goes behind classic spring reverbs. Again a fantastic development from U-he team!

U-he Twangström


A flexible spring reverb box-of-tricks. If you’re familiar with Bazille, you might already have come across its built-in spring unit. We took that one, then modelled two more reverb tanks, paired it with drive section, filter stage, envelope, and mod matrix. It emulates a hand-picked selection of the most popular units you will find in classic guitar and instrument amplifiers, recreating the odd character of real springs.

As a faithful emulation of a mechanical device, Twangström needs to be handled well. Many of the technical parameters are user-adjustable in real time, and these can be controlled via MIDI or using the internal LFO and envelope generator. With its multimode resonant filter, Twangström is a unique and powerful tool which can deliver highly unusual, evolving textures… especially when the signal is tossed around using the modulation matrix!


  • shakeable springs
  • 3 different reverberation tanks, inspired by the most popular ones built in the guitar & instrument amps that made rock ‘n roll
  • tasty drive & tone stage for heating-up and colouring the sound
  • multi-mode filter, with variable type blend
  • four-flavours envelope stage, picking up the signal from either input, output or external sidechain
  • LFO module, 8 different types & waveforms, variable time base & syncable
  • comprehensive modulation matrix, for realtime control of all the parameters
  • independent input and feedback routing options allow all possible stereo or mono combinations
  • 76 factory presets
  • NKS-compatible
  • UI instantly resizable from 70% to 200%
  • custom remote control via MIDI-CC, 14-bit resolution option

First Look From SuperBooth 2018

U-he Twangström is available now for 69€ from the official website.

More information here: U-he

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