Reason Studios Chord Sequencer, your partner for endless inspiring chord progressions

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Reason Studios Chord Sequencer, a new Player device packed with chords and an automatic that constantly gives you chord progression suggestions.

Tired of playing the same chord progressions over and over again? Or do you just not come up with new ideas either due to a lack of inspiration or of music theory knowledge? The Midi Chord Packs heavily advertised in every YouTube ad are not of any help there.

The real helpers are in-depth music theory courses or clever MIDI chord plugins with technology built-in that helps you find new chords and progressions. Even without knowledge of theory. Today Reason Studios released the Chord Sequencer that offers exactly that.

Reason Studios Chord Sequencer

Reason Studios Chord Sequencer

Chord Sequencer is the latest addition to Reason Studio’s growing list of Player devices. Like the other Player devices, the focus is on easy-to-use and fast workflow. And as the name suggests, this is all about sequencing chords.

The rack extension comes pre-filled with over 50 chord sets built by professional musicians, spanning 15+ styles and genres. They range from Gospel to Pop and EDM to Neo-Soul. Each chord set is comprised of 16 interesting and perfectly curated chords for your to explore. So you get a massive library of 800 new chords to explore.

If you don’t like the chord, no problem. You can edit the chords, add new chords of your own and build your own chord progressions using the built-in sequencer.

Chord Suggestions

There is also a super handy chord suggestion feature, helping you understand which chords fit together naturally. Or which combinations are more bold, daring, or unexpected.  The system is based on a four-color scheme where the lighter the color, the better or safer it goes with your chords.  You find new chords by simply exploring and trying them out. So it helps you to answer the question: “what comes next?”.

Further, you can modify the velocity and add a humanized touch to your chords with velocity and timing controls. There is also a remove bass functionality that removes the lower region notes from the chord sets.

Once done, you can play the chord progressions in sync with your song or export MIDi notes to track in any DAW. Chord Sequencer is a Rack Extension that works in Reason but also in the Reason Rack Plugin as it can be used in any DAW (Ableton Live, Logic Pro,…).

At first glance a very coherent new player device for the Reason Rack plugin. I find the chord suggestion feature particularly exciting where you can try out new chords endlessly. Solid release.

Reason Studios Chord Sequencer is now available for an introductory price of 54€ (reg. 74€) until July 13, 2022. The new player device is also part of the new Reason+ subscription plan.

More information here: Reason Studios

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