Superbooth 22: WORNG Electronics MidSide+ brings mid/side processing to Eurorack + DIY gift

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Superbooth 22: the Australian developer WORNG Electronics intros MidSide+, a new module that brings mid/side processing to Eurorack.

It’s no secret that Superbooth 22 attendees also come home with gifts. A t-shirt, a pen, or blank panels for your Eurorack system. The latter has become increasingly popular among developers.

Worng Electronics is coming to Superbooth 22 from Australia and has come up with a special gift for the booth visitors this year. And he also brings a new audio processing module that celebrates its premiere in Berlin.

Superbooth 22 Worng Electronics MidSide+

Superbooth 22: WORNG Electronics MidSide+

The big new highlight of the WORNG Electronics booth will be the all-new Midside+ module that introduces the power of mid/side processing to the Eurorack world.

MidSide+ includes a powerful voltage-controlled through-zero stereo width control circuit on the MS to LR decoder stage, allowing you to precisely manipulate the stereo image created with the Mid and Side processing loops.

Morgan McWaters, founder of the company also says: “instead of stopping at mono, MidSide+ allows you to pass through the zero point of stereo width and continue by reversing the image so left becomes right and vice versa, all the way to superwide stereo in both directions”. Yeah, that sounds like a sound designer’s dream.

Then, it has a specially designed high-pass filter that allows you to remove low frequencies from the side signal post-processing. This ensures that even extreme processing doesn’t disrupt low-end phase coherence unless you want it to.

MidSide+ is capable to generate complex stereo signal processing as well as classic mid/side processing of your stereo mix. According to the developer, it is also suitable for creating wide stereo waveforms for your stereo filters. I like the designs of the modules with the generous spacing. So you can easily access the parameters without the risk of squeezing your fingers

Worng Electronics SB 22 DPLPG


Besides the new MidSide+, WORNG Electronics also has a gift in limited quantities for the visitors of Superbooth 22. It’s an extremely limited edition of the DPLPG, a dual passive low pass gate. It features some clever normalling to allow both lowpass gates (LPG) to be driven by the same input and CV.

Great for processing stereo signals or creating a faux stereo image using the natural of the vactrols used says Morgan, the developer. Simply solder on jack sockets and vactrols and your SB22 DPLPG is ready to go. Supplies are very limited and it’s only available as a DIY PCB and panel at Superbooth 22 booth Z150. 

Two exciting modules from Worng Electronics that can be very helpful, especially for stereo setups.

Worng Electronics MidSide+ will be available in Q3 2022 for a retail price of $229 USD.

More information here: Worngelectronics 

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