Superbooth 22: Joranalogue Delay 1, Pivot 2 & Step 8 development update

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Superbooth 22: Joranalogue previewed 2 new modules: Delay 1 an analog BBD-based delay, Pivot 2 a routing utility, and an Step 8 development update, first look!

Most of the developers had their booths at Superbooth 22 in large tents. A tent camp full of synthesizers. The Polish developers from Xaoc Devices shared one with the Belgian companies Klavis, Shakmat Modular, and Joranalogue.

Joran van Gremberghe, the founder of Joranalogue is known to many for his excellent knowledge of analog technology. So it’s no wonder that his products are based on analog circuits too. But no clones or 3340-style modules. He constantly develops new concepts that lead analog synthesis into the modern and the future.

Superbooth 22 Joranalogue Delay 1

At Superbooth 22, he showed two new modules and an update that nicely represents the Joranalogue’s module-making philosophy.

Joranalogue Delay 1

The Delay 1 is a new fully analog BBD-based delay module with a wide range of modern features. Its delay time range from 1 to 50 ms so not the longest, epic delay. This time range is achieved by an integrated temperature-compensated, high-frequency VCO. The latter provides the perfect ‘clock’ signal to drive the module.

Lo-fi, dirty, that’s the sound of BBD delay. This characteristic has been removed here by increasing the drive frequency to over 20 kHz. Plus, they added a new developed control circuit to reduce distortion and noise. According to the developers, it improves fidelity and maintains all signal levels including all dynamics thanks to an integrated high-performance compander.

Joranalogue Delay 1

Then, the module’s ‘split phase’ topology provides two different dry/wet mixes. You can use it to convert mono signals to stereo, for complementary comb filtering, and more. Clever addition and it has a dedicated plug trigger input for Karplus-Strong synthesis sounds.

Interface side, you get controls for fine, time mod, coarse, damping, blend, feedback, and CV attenuators for the mod of the previous three parameters. There is also an option to create positive and negative feedback with low or high pass filtering. The module is capable to generate all kinds of short-time-based delay effects including chorus, flanger, or even rich echoes. And with the extra plug trigger, you can create physical modeling like string timbres.

Joranalogue Pivot 2

Pivot 2 is a fully CV controllable variable signal router that has the aim to simplify patching. It consists of an input/output with two send and return sockets. Plus, two controls and a Pivot mod CV input.

The module allows you to route any signal through two external modules in series, parallel or reverse series, as well as any combination in between. All with a turn of a single knob.

Joranalogue Pivot 2

The module allows you to change routing more flexibly. Joranalogue says: “experiment with patching wavefolders before, after or alongside filters, shuffle multiple delay lines, precisely dial in two-stage audio compression or easily control intricate feedback patches”.

Pivot 2 also works as a pair of counter-acting linear VCAs, VC crossfader, or a voltage-controlled panner. Another super versatile module from Joranalogue.

Step 8 Update

Joranalogue also announced that the massive Step 8 sequential tracking/sampling register module is nearing completion. They used the time after the SB21 and expanded and refined the module again with the input from the beta tester group. A module that can offer a huge number of functions.

So many that the developer himself did not know all of in my video. Here are some: it can be a configurable voltage mapper, sequencer, hocketing controller, clock divider, graphic waveshaper, multi-output analog downsampler… a massive module.

First Look

I did a long developer talk with Joran from Joranalogue where we talk about the company, the challenge to create futuristic analog modules, and the upcoming releases Delay 1, Pivot 2, and Step 8.

Joranalogue Step 8 will be available in Q3/2022, Pivot 2 in September, and Delay 1 in November.

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