Superbooth 22: PWM hybrid Synthesizer preview with wavetables and analog filters

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Superbooth 22: PWM previewed an upcoming new hybrid Synthesizer with wavetables, sub-oscillator, analog filters, and more. 

Last September Paul Whittington showed the Malevolent with his new company PWM. A portable, semi-modular analog Synthesizer with a very characterful, raw sound.

At Superbooth 22, visitors could play the Malevolent in the finished version. There was also something new in the form of a development board (Frankenstein). With a MIDI keyboard connected to the board, visitors could play the upcoming PWM synth for the first time.

PWM hybrid Synthesizer

New PWM Hybrid Synthesizer

For Paul Whittington, CEO, and founder of PWM, it is important to have a wide range of instruments: means analog, hybrid, and digital instruments. For the new synth, they are going the hybrid route. The upcoming PWM Synthesizer will have a hybrid engine featuring wavetable oscillators, a sub-oscillator, as well as dual analog filters.

Further, it will have a stereo signal path and will have the ability to save presets.

I did a short interview with Paul at the booth and he gave me the first sound impression of the new hybrid Synthesizer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the audio recording because either the Frankenstein Board or my take on the Zoom H6 was too noisy. I don’t know, sorry.

At first hearing, it sounds nice and I’m definitely looking forward to the finished product

PWM hybrid Synthesizer will be released in the near future (2022/2023). Availability and Price TBA.

More information will follow here: PWM 

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