Moog One 1.5, new firmware unlocks all CV input functionalities

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Moog has published firmware 1.5 for the One polyphonic analog Synthesizer that unlocks all CV input functionalities. 

The One is Moog Music’s first polyphonic analog Synthesizer in a long time. It’s no secret that the One is not yet completely finished in some places. Some refinements are still needed.

The developers have now expanded the connectivity side in a new free firmware update 1.5. With features that users have been waiting for for a long time

Moog One 1.5 firmware update

Moog One 1.5

The new firmware 1.5 for the Moog One polyphonic analog Synthesizer enables all CV input functionalities via the sustain pedal input. This results in that the mod matrix of the One now allows you to map the CV inputs as sources and the CV outputs as destinations.

It gives you 10 new CV/pedal input functions including master volume, expression, filter cutoff, pitch V/oct, envelope gate, sustain pedal, sostenuto pedal, mod wheel, pad x, and pad y. Additionally, it unlocks 14 new CV output sources including

  • pitch (u) and pitch (b)
  • gate
  • velocity
  • CV 1 input
  • CV 2 input
  • pedal 1 input (exp 1)
  • pedal 2 input (exp 2)
  • sustain pedal input
  • sequence pitch (u), sequence pitch (b)
  • sequence gate
  • sequencer return to zero (RTZ)
  • modulation output

Then, the developers fully implemented the sustain and sostenuto functionality that sends/responds to MIDI CC 64 either via a connected pedal or the CV input. There is also a new user-facing calibration routings.

First, the voice card calibrations ensure optimal tuning and response of all components of the analog voice circuits. The system calibrations ensure proper functionality of the inputs, outputs, potentiometers, and the LHC. So two different calibration systems.

Moog also introduces with the firmware 1.5  a new “return to zero all” commend. With the shift + RTZ, you can return the sequencers for all three synths to zero, regardless of the panel focus settings. Further, the developers have fixed bugs. The full list is available in the firmware file.

The new Moog One 1.5 firmware is available now as a free download for existing customers.

More information here: Moog Music

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