Depeche Mode keyboarder Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher dead at 60

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Andy (Andrew) “Fletch” Fletcher, keyboardist, synthesist, and Depeche Mode member passed away today at the age of 60

Just last week we received the sad news that legendary electronic music composer Vangelis passed away. Today comes the next sad news.

Synthesist, keyboard player and Depeche Mode member Andy (Andrew) Fletcher has passed away at the age of 60. Another big shock for the electronic music world.

Andrew Fletcher Depecher Mode

Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode)

Fletch was born in 1961 in Nottingham, England. He was part of a band with Vince Clarke called No Romance in China in the late ’70s. Later they met Martin Gore, now core member of Depeche Mode, and they formed a trio called Composition of Sound. In 1980, they welcomed Dave Gahan to the group and they changed their name to Depeche Mode.

Depeche Mode is best known today as a trio consisting of Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, and Andy “Fletch” Fletcher.  In the band, he was the studio and tour keyboarder less than the composer until his death. The other members shared this work among themselves, especially Martin Gore.

He was considered the most important link between the other two members. In 2020, he was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Andy Fletcher

Depeche Mode’s official message from Facebook and Twitter:

Rest In Peace Andy “Fletch” Fletcher.

More information here: Depeche Mode 

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  1. I am as sad as all other DM fans around the planet with the loss of Fletch. It is hard to see so many legends and of electronic music pass aaway in the last few weeks…

    BTW, his bandmates name is Martin Gore, not C…

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