NAMM 2022: Blipblox SK2 Synthesizer and Blipblox myTracks groovebox for kids

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NAMM 2022: Playtime Engineering has introduced the Blipblox SK2 Synthesizer and the Blipblox my tracks groovebox for kids of any age.

The US-based developer Playtime Engineering has released some very funny synthesizers and noise boxes in the past that are specially designed for toddlers. It’s never too early to start working with synthesis and sounds.

That is the aim of the Blipblox series. To introduce children to synthesis, sounds, and music-making in a playful way. For NAMM 2022, the company has expanded its portfolio with two new instruments.

NAMM 2022 Blipblox SK2 synthesizer

Blipblox SK2 Synthesizer

Playtime Engineering is sticking to the concept and design of their initial Blipblox in the new SK2. It remains a Synthesizer for children (even big children) to interact with. It’s all about interaction with the synth toy: turning big knobs, pressing buttons, and producing wild sounds. Besides knobs/buttons, there are also two big handles that control the filter and the tempo of the melody.

The synth engine is strongly reminiscent of its predecessors: it uses wavetable synthesis with 16 oscillator schemes joined by resonant multimode filters and a stereo delay. Even in a toyish Synthesizer, modulation should not be missing. You can explore a pair of LFOs, some colorful modulation buttons, a randomizer, and other fun stuff hidden behind big buttons.

Blipblox 2 also comes with a bunch of new drum samples with pitch-shifting as well as other samples like effects or vocals. It also includes 400 built-in melodies with which you can have fun right away. And the whole device is certified and secured so parents can safely hand it to their young, exploratory children.

Blipblox myTracks Groovebox

Grooveboxes are more popular than ever: Akai MPC, Akai Force, Roland MC-707, Novation Circuit, Deluge,… It’s never too early to start working with a groove box. That’s probably what Playtime Engineering thought of when it came to the new tracks. It’s a Fisher-Price-style MPC groovebox. with a 5×5 grid of playable pads. They can launch both samples and sequences.

myTracks consists of 4 instrument tracks and a drum track for creating your own songs. There are 48 ready-to-use built-in instrument sounds. There is also a built-in microphone that allows you to capture samples inside the unit. Later, you can playback them like on an MPC.

NAMM 2022 Blipblox myTracks

It also comes with two effects processors for manipulating or polishing your tracks. On the backside, you get a MIDI output for controlling external gear, and a class-compliant USB-C for MIDI. The latter is also used for downloading new sounds and sets.

At first glance two funny musical instruments for kids with a lovely, fun concept. I find it very nice that you have a complete engine here and not just something like a Fisher-Price instrument. These have, however, a hefty price that makes you think twice or three times about investing so much in these toyish instruments.

Playtime Engineering Blipblox SK2 Synthesizer will be available for $199 USD and the Blipbox myTracks for $249 USD.

More information here: Playtime Engineering 

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