Yann Tiersen modular Synthesizer live set at Superbooth 21

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The French producer and musician Yann Tiersen (Amélie soundtrack) gave an excellent modular concert at Superbooth 21 last year.

The next edition of the Superbooth will take place in Berlin next month. We are all expecting a lot of new product announcements again. But the Superbooth is also a great place to discover new music.

The French musician Yann Tiersen is known to many from the wonderful 2001 French film Amélie. However, he was not the composer of this film. Tracks were taken from his first three studio albums and were used for the soundtrack.

Yann Tiersen Superbooth 21

Yann Tiersen x Modular

The musician has been working intensively with modular synthesizers for several years. Last year at Superbooth 21 Yann Tiersen gave a concert worth listening to. Listeners can expect a mixture of lovely textures and melodic tracks that you can put into a movie soundtrack.

A melody says more than a thousand words – and the melodies coming from the fingers of Yann Tiersen even more so. He is a true virtuoso and master of his craft, who was also able to fascinate the audience at SUPERBOOTH21 with his energetic sound collages – a perfect end to the first day of the event. Yann collaborates with the label Mute Records, on which he has been developing his experiments since 2010.

His latest album Kerber was released just before SUPERBOOTH21 and shows how Yann uses piano sketches as a source of inspiration for electronic module synthesis. The combination of these two worlds makes the album a unique creative achievement, where the electronic instruments are overlaid and driven by the acoustic elements.

With this album in mind and the fact that he has been a regular guest at SchneidersLaden for quite some time, Yann was the perfect musician for a concert at Superbooth.


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