Bitwig Studio is now available on Splice Rent-to-Own for $15,99 per month

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Dive into the modular world of Bitwig Studio now more affordable via the Splice Rent-to-Own service with 25 monthly installments of $15.99. 

Buying a commercial DAW for the first time can be expensive. Especially if you are young, with little or no income. Yes, there are free DAWs to work with. But if you want to benefit from a more extensive feature set with unique functions, it is difficult to get past the big players.

One option to get a DAW cheaper is Splice’s Rent-To-Own program. Here you pay for the DAW per month and after +/- 24 months you own the software. The modular DAW Bitwig Studio, developed in Berlin, has now also joined the program.

Bitwig Splice

Bitwig Splice

Bitwig Studio is now available via Splice Rent-to-Own which makes the DAW more affordable with monthly plans. More precisely, you can purchase the software from Splice in installments of $15,99/month, and after 25 months the license will be yours.

It’s an all-in-one offer that also includes a bonus year of Bitwig upgrades giving you access to all features for the length of your lease. So no extra upgrade plan purchase is necessary. That sounds like a very neat offer, especially for everyone who previously found Bitwig to be too expensive. Existing Bitwig customers also benefit from the Splice partnership.

Bitwig Circle

They officially join the Bitwig Circle that gives BS license holders with an active upgrade plan a free Splice Creator subscription for two months. It includes 200 credits per month to download content (samples, presets, MIDI loops) from Splice’s massive library. It also gives you access to Splice’s in-house beat-making and Synthesizer plugin. For example, you can find here the powerful multi-engine Synthesizer Astra. Plus, you can benefit from music production tutorials and video lessons by experts like Bitwig Certified Trainer Thavius Beck.

I’m not a fan of subscription services. For me, rent-to-own is not one of them, because you become the owner of the software and don’t have to pay monthly into a bottomless pit. It’s nice to see that BS is now available as part of Splice. So more musicians can immerse themselves in the modular world of Bitwig for a more attractive price.

Fun fact: the rent-to-own offer is more attractive than the regular-priced software on the website. The 25 installments cost you 399,75€ + you get two years of free updates instead of one. (reg. $169 per year).

Bitwig Studio is available now on Splice Rent-to-Own for $15.99/month, and after 25 months the license will be yours. Click here to get Bitwig Studio from Splice’s Rent-to-Own program.

More information here: Splice 

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    • this is not a classic rental scheme, it’s rent-to-own where you pay monthly and you are after 25 installments the owner of the software.
      Expensive? No, because it’s less expensive if you take it monthly now compared to the regular price + you get 2 years of updates where
      the fixed version only has 1 year

      • So $384 over two years gets you to “own” the software – but then you pay annual update fees again anyway. I understand everyone must earn money but there is a fine line between a fair price and a perception of constantly milking the customer.

        This should be carefully compared with the full range of other DAWs and their pricing systems.

        • That’s the regular price of it, in both payment options. Per month, it gives you the benefit of two years of updates, if you pay it instantly you have to pay 169€ after the first year to maintain major updates. So it’s more expensive. Well, most of the DAWs (Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One…) ask money for major updates. That’s nothing new and is normal. The music software world is small, a niche, and the companies also have to pay their developers and other staff. Only free updates will destroy a company unless you are called Apple with Logic Pro.

          And nobody force you to buy the updates. The software is fully functional without updates and Bitwig also fix critical bugs without active update plan.

  1. I am a new convert to Bitwig Studio, and I sing its praises to anyone who will listen. Having an option to get into it at $15.99 a month is a good opportunity for users of another DAW to take it for a spin and see if it fits their workflow. As mentioned, with this rent-to-own, you get 2 years of updates for the standard purchase price. That is an excellent value.

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