RIP Klaus Schulze, Synthesizer and electronic music pioneer has passed away

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Synthesizer and electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze, composer of more than 60 albums, passed away at the age of 74, RIP. 

This afternoon we received the sad news that the Synthesizer and electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze passed away at the age of 74. According to his family, it was after a long disease but all of a sudden.

Klaus Schulze was a pioneer of electronic music. He was one of those who brought our beloved synthesizer music to where it is today. What we call electronic music.

Klaus Schulze RIP

RIP Klaus Schulze

Born in 1947, Klaus Schulze aka Richard Wahnfried was a German electronic music composer and musician. He was briefly a member of the Krautock bands Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, and The Cosmic Jokers.

He had the greatest impact on electronic music history with his long solo career consisting of more than 60 album releases across five decades. Including Mirage, Dune, Dreams, and many more.

Official Statement

RIP Klaus Schulze

One of his legendary performances was in 1977 at the WDR Köln Studio, where Klaus Schulze was sitting in front of his huge tower of synthesizers and playing them. This performance is world-famous and one of the best showing the cosmos of this fascinating electronic musician.

It was also the performance that caught me instantly and made me fall in love with the music.

New Album

Shortly before his death he recorded and finished a new album. It will be called Deus Arrakis and will be published on June 10, 2022. He also shared a track titled Osiris – Pt#1” that will appear on the new album.

Personal Words

Klaus Schulze’s releases remain an important part of my music world. Alongside Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, his music has led me into the fascinating world of electronic sounds. His tracks and his experimental approach have strongly influenced how I make music today.

He left us forever yesterday. His music and his way of working, which many musicians continue today, will never leave us. The music will still be innovative in 50 years and inspire people around the world. I’m sure. Thank you for everything. RIP Klaus Schulze.

More information here: Klaus Schulze 

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  1. Klaus/Richard,
    Very sad to hear you passed away.
    I ‘m proud to say I ‘ve been listening to three of your albums last week. Now it feels as if I was paying tribute to you and that feels good. My thoughts were and are truly with you and your family.
    Sleep well and thank you for your heritage.

    Tom, I align with your personal words.

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