RIP Wowa Cwejman, Developer Of Cwejman Analog Synthesizers Has Passed Away

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RIP Wowa Cwejman, developer of many terrific analog synthesizer products where quality and craftsmanship were paramount has passed away.

Sad news reached me today. Wowa Cwejman, the Swedish developer of many fantastic analog synthesizers and Eurorack modules, passed away at the age of 72. Maho Cwejman confirmed this morning this news.

The news makes me sad because he was one of those brilliant developers who enriched the synthesizer market with great sounding instruments. But also because he was a developer who did his own thing without being influenced by trends etc.

Wowa Cwejman RIP
Facebook: Maho Cwejman

Wowa Cwejman

Eurorack was a big topic for Wowa Cwejman. It is probably due to its fantastic, noble modules that many synthesizer lovers got to know him. The developments were mainly known through uncompromising, high-quality circuits. If you have a Cwejman, you know what you have in the rack. Quality always took precedence over quantity and for that he was valued very highly.

Cwejman S1 (MK1) Synthesizer

Not to forget his monophonic, analog, desktop synthesizer S1 (mk2). Here, too, there was quality at its finest. Three versatile VCOs with sync, FM, ring modulator, two punchy ADSR envelopes, LFO… form an absolute monster mono synth.

Here is a lovely workshop from 2018 with Wowa Cwejman and Tom Körting from Schneidersladen. One of the rare videos in which you could learn more about the person but also his modules.

My condolences go out to his relatives, friends, and colleagues. Wowa was a big one, and it’s a big loss for the synthesizer world. RIP.

More information here: Cwejman 

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