SynTesla VII The Red Episcopate, a Korg Logue Synthesizer with steampunk clothes

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Syntesla VII is a Korg Logue poly Synthesizer in a gorgeous-looking handmade Steampunk knobby case from the designer Pierre-Jean Tardiveau.

The SynTeslas, no Elon Musk doesn’t build synths yet, but Pierre-Jean Tardiveau, an enthusiastic synth builder from French. The Synteslas are a range of stunning custom synthesizers made from well-known commercial products.

What sets them apart are the gorgeous user interfaces that are specially made for these instruments. For example the SynTesla II, an inconspicuous Waldorf Rocket disappears under a steampunk dress and looks immediately more impressive. His latest project is called SynTesla VII The Red Episcopate is another custom made poly synth with a familiar inner life but a new, fascinating design.

SynTesla VII

SynTesla VII The Red Episcopate

SynTesla VII The Red Episcopate is a polyphonic Synthesizer that is is based on the Korg “Logue” ARM architecture that we can find in the NTS-1, minilogue xd and prologue 8/16.

In terms of features, the core could be a Korg minilogue xd or the Prologue 8 or 16 as it as a full-sized keybed and a joystick on the left. You get two analog VCOs, a multi-engine powered DCO, an oscillator mixer, LFO, envelopes, effects. and more.

SynTesla VII

What makes the synth so special and stand out from the classic commercial logues is its look. It’s red with black elements and big Moog-style knobs and switches. It’s very steampunky again, where modern meets vintage. I love it. I would gladly exchange it for my minilogue xd if someone would make me the offer. Would be an eye catcher in my small cozy studio hehe.

The Red Episcopate is not available for purchase, but congratulations Pierre-Jean for another amazing work. Here are the articles from the other SynTesla projects.

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  1. Really getting tired of seeing these beautiful synth mods (not)that’s never gonna be for sale. Please stop teasing us or make them available (oh wait,ur waiting on chips too/Behringer)

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