Stone Voices DReverb, a free algorithmic reverb plugin for macOS and Windows

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Stone Voices DReverb is a free algorithmic reverb plugin for macOS and Windows with crossover and with up to 100 seconds of decay time.

Producing music has become cheaper and more accessible than ever in recent years. From synthesizers, drum machines, effects, or even mixing and mastering, there are more and more high-quality plugins that you can download for free.

And now it’s time again for the free plugin alert. Stone Voices has published a new free reverb plugin.

Stone Voices DReverb

Stone Voices DReverb

DReverb is a new free high-quality algorithmic reverb plugin for macOS and Windows. It has a wide range of features. Starting with an independent dry and wet controls followed by a space section giving you pre-delay and diffusion settings.

Then, it has a decay parameter with up to 100 seconds of decay time. You also get lowpass and high pass filters to tweak the reverb sound. There is also an excursion section with rate and depth controls. Plus, you get width control for the effect.

Further, you have a crossover function with bass ratio, crossover and high settings. You can get an overview of the signals via the built-in meters with input and output levels. Stone Voices says that the plugin is low on CPU and uses 64-bit sound processing. DReverb has a preset manager with 32 ready-to-use factory presets.

Looks like a classic free reverb plugin not to be missed.

Stone voices DReverb is available now as a free download. No subscription, no registration… required. It runs as a VST2, VST3, and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Stone Voices 

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