Schaack Audio Technologies QuadraChor, a Supernova inspired chorus plugin

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Schaack Audio Technologies QuadraChor, a new Novation Supernova inspired chorus effect plugin made in collaboration with trance producer Sean Tyas.

I come from the small, beautiful country of Luxembourg, which lies between France, Germany and Belgium. We grow up with at least four languages. Many can do even more. Programming is part of them. And yes Luxembourg even has a plugin developer.

Schaack Audio Technologies known for their mastering plugins have released a new product today that is especially exciting for electronic musicians.

Schaack Audio Technologies QuadraChor

Schaack Audio Technologies QuadraChor

QuadraChor is a new chorus and modulation effects plugin that takes inspiration from the Novation Supernova Synthesizer from 1998. You read it right, it’s not another Roland Juno-60 chorus but one that brings a different timbre to the chorusing game.The plugin is developed in close collaboration with renowned trance DJ & producer Sean Tyas.

Schaack Audio Technologies’ take on a chorus effect is mainly designed for thickening and widening your Synthesizer sounds. Of course, it works also great on all other signals. It offers then parameters size, wrath, agility, strength, motion. speed, hipass, lopass, widen, and dry/wet giving you a lot of flexibility.

Then, if you want to push the effect further, you can activate the ArachnoChor where the plugin interface turns red. The plugin has a resizable interface and has a low CPU usage. Typically less than 1% on modern systems promises the developer. That would be great. Speaking of the interface: it’s very colorful and has some very comic-like design. Reminds me of Pokémon, hehe.

On the website you will find a number of different demos that sound very promising. I really like that they offer a different take of a classic chorus here. If you like to transform your synth sounds in Supersaw-like sounds, this plugin could be perfect for you.

Schaack Audio Technologies QuadraChor is available now for 46€ and runs as a 32-/64-bit VST and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + M1) & Windows. A limited demo version is available on the website.

More information here: SAT

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